The God Story Bonus Materials

By Jacob Armstrong
Welcome to the online bonus materials accompanying The God Story sermon series resource by Jacob Armstrong! To help you prepare your sermons and worship for this series, your… read more

Minor Prophets

By Todd Outcalt
Recently, in an issue of Poetry magazine (April 2013), poet Mark Halliday expressed his major respect for the minor placement offered to poet Kenneth Fearing among the pantheon of … read more

Three Ways We Censor the Bible

By Dave Barnhart
In a post on my blog last fall, I talked about the “secret” history of Red Alabama, and how that history gets sanitized. How we sanitize history is the subject of the… read more

The Elephant in the Living Room

By Lewis Parks
Consider the following situation. A woman has spent most of her eighty years in the same small membership church. Her grandparents donated the property on which that church… read more

No Longer an Orphan

By Roberto L. Gómez
John 14:23-29 A few days after my mother died following a prolonged illness, I felt very lonely. My father had died eleven years earlier. I realized I was now an orphan, a person … read more

The Liberating Word of God

By Vance Ross
I view the power of preaching as the divine and contemporary word of God, releasing humans from any imprisoning or enslaving element. This view reflects a theology of preaching as … read more
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