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Sermon Series: Serpentine Tales

By Dan R. Dick
3 Week Series Week 1: The Subtleties of Serpentry Genesis 3:1-7 From youngest childhood, we develop the love for a good story. Few things can transport us to other places and… read more

Sermon: I'm Only Human

By Henry E. Roberts
Isaiah 61:10-62:3 We are created as children of God, in God’s own image. When we live our lives in Christ we become joint heirs of all God’s promises. Such truth… read more

A Moment of Triumph

By John P. Gilbert
Palm Sunday is the day we commemorate the triumphal entrance of Jesus into the city of Jerusalem. (Tragically, some of the very people who hailed him with such enthusiasm were… read more

4 Principles from Esther

By Ron Edmondson
I love the story of Esther. If you haven’t read it lately, you can do so here. Here are four principles I’ve observed from the story of Esther. 1. God has a special… read more

More than the Minimum

By Drew J. Gunnells Jr.
Matthew 5:38-42 The teenage boy was tapped on the shoulder by the flat blade of a sword. Turning around, he looked into the face of a despised Roman soldier who said… read more

Giving It Up: A Sermon Series for Lent

By Matthew L. Kelley
Many of us give up certain things for the forty days of Lent, and doing so can be a very beneficial thing for us. This seven-week series takes that idea one step further and… read more
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