Hear My Voice

Preaching the Lectionary Psalms - Cycles A, B, and C

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Hear My Voice
Author Stan Purdum
Author James Evans
Author Carlos Wilton
Publication Date 1/2006
Binding E-Book
ISBN 0788024000IP

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Of each week's lectionary texts, the Psalms are the least frequently used as a basis for sermons, yet they are incredibly rich in the very life substance that makes preaching relevant. From personal suffering to the absence of God, from national failure to the burden of personal sin, the Psalms are filled with the pathos of the human struggle for and with God.

Hear My Voice
is an invaluable tool for tapping into this abundant source of sermonic material. It's a comprehensive collection of informative homiletical commentaries on the Psalm texts drawn from the pages of the acclaimed preaching journal Emphasis. Covering the complete three-year cycle of the Revised Common Lectionary, these brief explorations provide numerous starting points for developing solidly scriptural sermons that also speak to contemporary life. Convenient features include cross-referencing of multiple occurrences of the same text so that you can consider alternative approaches, plus a helpful index.