FaithQuestions - Who Is God in Three Persons?

A Study of the Trinity

FaithQuestions - Who Is God in Three Persons?
Author John R. Tyson
Publisher Abingdon Press
Publication Date 3/2005
Binding Book - Paperback
ISBN 9780687739912
Retail Price $9.99
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As a part of the FaithQuestions study series, “Who is God in Three Persons?A Study of the Trinity” is designed to meet the needs of people who have questions about the Christian faith and who desire a deeper engagement with scripture and with discipleship as they explore studies of issues in theology, ethics, missions, Bible interpretation, and church history. It seeks to equip a new generation of church leaders to appreciate the eternal message of the gospel and to develop the skills to articulate its relevance in our contemporary context. The series would be a good choice for users who have completed Disciple.

This book explores the doctrine of the Trinity from the perspective of Tradition and Church History. It addresses such questions as the following: Is the Trinity a Bible Doctrine? Where did we get this doctrine ? What issues and questions have emerged in the life of Christian faith over the centuries? What difference does the doctrine of the Trinity make in contemporary Christian Life? What are the "real issues" at stake in the doctrine of the Trinity? What does the doctrine of the Trinity tell us about the Deity of Jesus? about God? about the Holy Spirit? This will be the fifth study in the series, following What About the Rapture - What Do Other Faiths Believe - What Happens When We Die - What About Divine Healing.