Worship Feast: Readings

50 Readings, Rituals, Prayers, and Guided Meditations

Worship Feast: Readings
Author / Compiler (Internal) Abingdon Press
Publisher Abingdon Press
Publication Date 4/2005
Binding Book - Paperback
ISBN 9780687741816
Retail Price $19.99


Worship Feast:
A Broad Menu of Extraordinary Worship Readings
Blending a Diverse Mix of Spiritual Expressions

Serve an extraordinary worship experience to your youth, mixing a cornucopia of ancient contemplative and contemporary readings, prayers, and meditations.

Engage them with a mix of group recital, silent meditation, and personal sharing. Move them with a recipe of ancient chants blended with contemporary expressions.

Worship Feast Readings serves up 50 new selections of recitation and meditation for an impactful group communion. These worship elements coordinate and blend a vast range of ancient and modern worship approaches.
The current generation of young people doesn't know a time when information wasn't coming at them from every direction. They multi-task every second of their waking lives.

To meet their needs in worship, we offer a variety of postmodern worship--for a multi-sensory, whole-person experience. 

Postmodern young people are not content to be observers of worship; they want all-out participation in soul-shaping, heart-waking praise to their Creator.  Postmodern worship experiences offer moments of transformation by meeting God through all of the senses.

Worship Feast Readings includes guided meditations, along with prayers, rituals, and seasonal readings, thematic readings, and Scripture-based readingsā€¦all used to create meaningful worship, devotion, and prayer times for youth groups.

Worship Feast Readings was especially designed for youth workers and pastors who want to reach young people in their worship services by taking the sacred traditions of the worshiping church...and blending them with current experiences.

Serve youth a worship menu that leaves them inspiredā€¦

...and full.