Interpreting the Psalms for Teaching and Preaching

Interpreting the Psalms for Teaching and Preaching
Author Brent Sandy
Author Herbert W. Bateman
Publication Date 8/2010
Binding Book - Paperback
ISBN 9780827216358
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With fewer individuals reading the Bible, more people are growing dependent on the commitment and skill of teachers and preachers in local churches for biblical interpretation and application. Interpreting the Psalms for Teaching and Preaching has been designed to furnish the preachers and teachers with insight as to the understanding, interpretation, and application of the psalms.

The book is divided into three sections. Part I-Introducing the Psalms, lays the foundation for interpreting and proclaiming the psalms. Part II--Interpreting the Psalms, considers fifteen representative psalms from the five books of the Psalter, providing models of interpretation along with suggestions for how to teach and preach the psalms. Part III--Applying the Psalms, closes with four chapters on how the psalms apply to the Christian life, in regard to devotional reading, in regard to incorporating the psalms into worship services, and in regard to teaching and preaching the psalms.