Worship & Song Leader's Edition

Worship & Song Leader's Edition
Editorial board member Anne B Hook
Editorial board member Dean McIntyre
Editor-in-chief Gary A Smith
Editorial board member Lester Ruth
Publisher Abingdon Press
Publication Date 3/2011
Binding Book - Spiral bound
ISBN 9781426709944
Retail Price $24.99
Discount Price $19.99 (20% discount)
The Worship & Song Leader's Edition contains the same music as the Pew Edition but is enlarged in size so that it can be used by worship leaders on a music stand or lectern. Also included are additional indexes useful to leaders planning for worship, a Scriptural Index, and the entire Worship Resources Edition. The Worship Resources Edition includes prayers and statements of faith (non-musical spoken acts of worship) organized by the Christian Year. It also includes indexes using topics and categories, and first lines. 

The Faith We Sing was published in December 2000 and has now sold more than 1 million pew copies to more than 3,000 churches. Since that publication date, much new music has been written for congregational worship. This follow-up is available in six editions: Music Pew Edition, Leader's Edition, Singer's Edition, Accompaniment Edition, Worship Resources Edition and Presentation Edition.

Worship & Song distinguishes itself from The Faith We Sing because it contains services, acts of worship, and other worship resources.