A Wesleyan Spiritual Reader - eBook

A Wesleyan Spiritual Reader - eBook
Author Rueben P. Job
Publisher Abingdon Press
Publication Date 9/2011
Binding E-Book
ISBN 9781426719196

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A Wesleyan Spiritual Reader provides resources for a 26-week devotional
experience. The volume includes Scripture, spiritual readings (primarily
quotes from the writings of John Wesley), and an essay by the author. This
material is woven into a pattern for daily prayer and reflection. This
devotional experience will lead readers to live with Wesley's ideas and
spirit as a window or vehicle for reaching God. Among the 26 themes
explored are: Scriptural Christianity; Life in Christ; Reaching Out to the
Poor; The Means of Grace; Holiness of Life; Justifying Grace; The Ministry
of All God's People; Sanctifying Grace; and God's Love and Ours. While
intended for devotional use by both clergy and laity, pastors will also find
this a helpful resource for sermon preparation. This wonderful guide to
deeper spirituality will become a cherished companion for all who seek to
grow in faith and knowledge of God.