The Abingdon Preaching Annual 2005 - eBook

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The Abingdon Preaching Annual 2005 - eBook
Author David N. Mosser
Publisher Abingdon Press
Publication Date 9/2010
Binding E-Book
ISBN 9781426720307

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Preaching God's Word to God's people presents a challenge under the best of circumstances, but in times of "wars and rumors of wars," it becomes even more of an awesome responsibility. Preaching is a task that is so difficult we can never do it by ourselves. Though in the church of Jesus Christ there is never "one size that fits all," The Abingdon Preaching Annual is one of the voices that preachers listen to with discernment in preparing a unique word for their congregations. In the 2005 edition, preachers from across the U.S. share insightful thoughts on the Scriptures, offer fresh sermon ideas, and provide creative anecdotes and stories for sharing God's Word. However you choose to make use of this book, we trust it to be of assistance to those who want to preach more effective sermons for believers in 2005. The 2005 edition includes: · Three sermon briefs per Sunday (some providing excellent exegesis, others offering an illustration or application) directly linked to one of the week's Scripture texts · Weekly worship services, including a call to worship, worship theme, and pastoral prayer · A sermon series on "Facing the Gospel in Life" · Monthly pastoral devotions on the "Twelve Pillars of Abundant Christian Living," written with the needs of pastors in mind · Benedictions, a Scripture index, and a complete listing of readings for the lectionary year