Ready-to-Go Retreats & Lock-Ins - eBook

16 Complete Plans for Fun and Soulful Events

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Ready-to-Go Retreats & Lock-Ins - eBook
Author Beth Miller
Publisher Abingdon Press
Publication Date 5/2099
Binding Digital Media
ISBN 9781426734861

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Ready-Made Event Packages

…Just Add Youth Group

FULLY LOADED - All youth event options, extras, and side items included.

These ready-made event packages are completely accessorized with everything you need to easily prepare and smoothly execute fun and instructive retreats and lock-ins.

You can spend less time on planning event details, and more time directly engaging your teens.

These plans cover every detail, even laying out hour-by-hour schedules for you.

Think of the convenience. Think of all the up-front prep time you can save.

The unique benefit of the Ready-To-Go series is that these activity materials go beyond merely offering ideas.

Ready to Go resources instead provide fully developed activity and event plans. They allow the youth leader to host youth events of substance and quality, with a minimal up-front time investment.

It’s like offering a baked cake instead of a cake recipe and ingredients. Or, offering a fully-assembled ready-to-use playground set…instead of loose components in a box with assembly instructions.

Ready-to-Go Retreats & Lock-Ins provides 16 complete guides for retreats and lock-ins.

The first section focuses on planning retreats and lock-ins, including:

  • Creating a schedule
  • Finding a facility
  • Safety guidelines
  • Transportation
  • Food
  • Registration and Publicity
  • Recruiting counselors
  • Insurance issues
  • Get acquainted games

The second section covers strategies for successfully executing retreats and lock-ins, including:

  • Behavior covenants, expectations and guidelines
  • Creating rituals
  • Assembling resources
  • How to combine junior and senior highs on a retreat
  • Resources for games and music
  • Room and van assignments

Each Retreat includes two individual morning meditations, detailed program notes for small groups with three to four sessions per retreat, ideas for a worship service and evening devotional, and fun, group-building activities. Provided meditations, counselor notes, handouts, and worship flyers are photocopiable.

Each Lock-In is theme-based and has games, small group time, worship ideas, and sleep time. Reproducible handouts, preparation lists, and bonus material on CD-ROM are included.

Ready-To-Go resources are equipped with event themes that target contemporary issues teens face in the real world. These relevant messages are delivered with impact, through coordinated devotional plans, discussion frameworks, and captivating activities.

All the event accessories you need, down to publicity fliers and parental forms are included.

Just add youth.