A Moment with God for Sunday School Teachers

A Moment with God for Sunday School Teachers
Author Sarah McGinley
Publisher Abingdon Press
Publication Date 8/2011
Binding Book - Hardback
ISBN 9781426741500
Retail Price $9.99
Discount Price $6.49 (35% discount)

Sometimes a moment with God is all a person needs as they move through their day.

Whether preparing for Sunday’s class or dealing with students and parents, the fifty-eight prayers with accompanying Scriptures found inside are perfect for you or any Sunday school teacher you know. The prayers allow you to center and know God is with you as you work to serve.

Now using the Common English Bible translation, you can easily use the prayers for group devotion as well as for personal reflection time. The beautiful design and size make it a keepsake to treasure and remember.

Some of the prayers included are:

  • As I Prepare My Sunday School Lesson
  • On Communicating with Parents
  • When I Pray in Class
  • Coping with a Difficult Child
  • Laughing with the Children
  • Praising Each Child in My Class
  • and more!