Difficult Texts - eBook

A Preaching Commentary

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Difficult Texts - eBook
Author Catherine Gunsalus González
Publisher Abingdon Press
Publication Date 9/2011
Binding E-Book
ISBN 9781426749988
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Discount Price $8.99 (44% discount)

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The Bible presents the preacher with several texts that are difficult to preach because they seem totally out of touch with the world in which we live. Often the problem is these passages oppose basic assumptions of our culture that may well be at odds with the gospel itself. In that case, the passages need to be proclaimed, and yet the sermon must take account of the trouble the congregation will have in hearing such a word. In this book, six such passages are considered, along with some general considerations about approaching difficult texts. 

The chapter titles include: Can the Consumer Ever Be Satisfied?; Celibacy? You're Kidding!; Blest Handkerchiefs and Demons; Shouldn't We Try to Get Ahead?; The God of Vengeance; and, Completing the Sermon Process.

This book is part of the Preaching the Great Texts series.