Ready or not …

By Paul Bonner
Teens regularly hear the words, “You’re too young!” Even more often it’s implied, and it feels like an insurmountable barrier during the growing-up years… read more

Community organizing

By Dave Barnhart
What is community organizing? The first time many Americans heard the phrase community organizing was when it was listed as part of Barack Obama’s resumé in the 2008… read more

The 3 rules of survival that will do us in

By Rebekah Simon-Peter
I’ve never heard a denominational executive say these words before: “You were called by God to serve the Kingdom. So do that. Don’t worry about the institutional … read more

My thoughts on the WCA meeting in Chicago

By Shane Raynor
I was in Chicago on Friday (October 7) for the first meeting of the Wesleyan Covenant Association, a group of evangelical United Methodists “committed to the Wesleyan… read more

'Tis the season: Politics and the poor

By James C. Howell
Shortly before his crucifixion, Jesus said “The poor will always be with you” (Mark 14:7). He wasn’t saying Therefore ignore them, or There’s… read more

Three "I's" of stewardship

By Todd Outcalt
One of the newest college majors to emerge in universities across the country is philanthropy. Organizations, from non-profits to foundations to the university endowments… read more

Staying focused on older adults

By Judy Bumgarner / Cokesbury Commons
The future of our churches, in whatever form they may take, will depend upon today’s young adults. We’ve learned through countless studies, as well as from personal… read more

8 things I wouldn’t do again if planting another church

By Ron Edmondson
I've been involved in church planting for most of my ministry career, whether as a planter or as a supporter of planting. I love the process of planting. I love the energy and the … read more

'Tis the season: Who cares what the church stands for?

By James C. Howell
I have just completed two terms on my denomination’s General Board of Church & Society, our agency that strives to implement our Social Principles, through lobbying… read more

Exorcism, interfaith prayer, Democrats and Methodists

By Shane Raynor
On this episode of News and Religion, the panel and I discuss a recent call by Roman Catholic officials for an increase in the number of exorcists in the United States. We… read more

Keeping Sabbath

By Don Underwood
He sat on the dilapidated, faded yellow seat of the old John Deere combine, waiting for the signal from his father to fire the old girl up. It was Sunday afternoon, and this was… read more

Charlotte, chaos and the casualty of truth

By James C. Howell
It was on the third day of the chaos in Charlotte that I realized that what had gone up in flames on our streets was truth, or several truths actually. Standing behind Rev… read more
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