Preacher, talk me into it

By Stan Purdum
Marketers have found my number — my cell phone number, that is. “Rachel from cardholder services” and several other sellers and possible scammers call to tell me … read more

What to say, what to do

By F. Willis Johnson
I am a pastor, in New York City with my wife, on a few days of summer leave. Over a 24-hour period my phone, social media channels and email blew up. Your attention was arrested… read more

How 'A Prairie Home Companion' made American religion real

By Jacob Lupfer / Religion News Service
(RNS) Religion experts perennially complain that mass entertainment culture is ignorant about religion and portrays it badly. But there's one show they overlook. For 42 years… read more

4 ways to overcome boredom in the parish

By Todd Outcalt
After the collapse of the U.S. housing market in 2008, Americans learned a new vocabulary to describe “unemployment”. Economists and television commentators began… read more

What's wrong with men?

By David Person
Men have lost their minds. At least that’s how it seems to me as a life-long male who legally became a man nearly 32 years ago. Men are doing things to women these days that … read more

Polite persecution, culture wars and missing millennials

By Shane Raynor
On this episode of the News and Religion podcast, the group and I discuss anti-Christian sentiment in the United States, religious persecution, culture wars and why the church… read more

Camp as holy ground

By Kira Schlesinger
The summer after I graduated from divinity school and was ordained as a transitional deacon, I completed my very first official ministry job — camp chaplain. After the… read more

Pharaoh's privilege

By Dave Barnhart
[Pharaoh] said, “You are lazy, lazy; that is why you say, ‘Let us go and sacrifice to the Lord.’ Go now, and work; for no straw shall be given you, but you shall … read more

The conversion of Donald Trump and the problem with evangelicalism’s gospel

By Tom Fuerst
What does it say about evangelicalism in America that James Dobson, one of our leading voices for the last three decades, can claim that Donald Trump has accepted Jesus Christ as… read more

The complicated faith of 'Greenleaf'

By David Person
What do you believe? And is your lifestyle consistent with your beliefs? Those are two essential questions being asked on Greenleaf, the new television drama produced by Oprah… read more

Let thy beloved community come

By Bill Mefford
Tragedies bring out the best and worst in people it seems. Seeing the unity and enormous support the people of Orlando have shown each other following the gun shooting in the… read more

The church, Orlando and LGBTQ pain

By Anna Blaedel
“Healing does not cover over, but exposes the wound to others.” — Sara Ahmed  Just over a week ago, an angry man with a history of violence and… read more
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