Your name has a story to tell

By Gregg Taylor
"My name has a story to tell, but the main character isn’t here," writes Latina poet, America Luna. "My name has the definition of dreams and opportunities within my… read more

The faith of 'The Handmaid's Tale'

By Kira Schlesinger
Much of our critically-acclaimed entertainment offers us little respite from the anxiety and darkness of our political and cultural situation, and Hulu’s television series… read more

Hope in the midst of hurt

By Christy Cabe
When a child's life turns upside down, the actions and reactions of adults matter. A lot. Hope can be held out to the hurting, and it’s not as difficult to offer as you… read more

What's the point of arguing?

By Dave Barnhart
Why argue? I frequently hear and read people ask, “What’s the point of arguing? Nobody is going to change their mind.” This is a common refrain on social media… read more

5 ways ministry leaders start the journey to failure

By Ron Edmondson
One of the hardest things I do in ministry is interact with those who are no longer in ministry, but wish they were. They’ve been derailed. They messed up and either they… read more

Trump’s views on Islam 'continue to evolve,' says Secretary of State

By Gregory Korte / USA Today
JERUSALEM (USA Today) President Trump's visit to Saudi Arabia this week has already begun to soften his attitudes about Islam, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Monday after a … read more

Points of order and parliamentary paralysis

By David F. Watson
Shortly after the 2016 General Conference of The United Methodist Church, I wrote a post called General Conference: Four Reflections. Recently that post popped up in my Facebook… read more

The megachurch infection

By Christy Thomas
The megachurch infection may lead to the eventual death of Christian connection, also known as the church. Let me explain. In 2014/2015, I did a series of “Mystery… read more

An angel named Jay

By Morgan Guyton
I met him in the lounge of what Tulane calls the O, where Office of Multicultural Affairs and the Office of Gender and Sexual Diversity are located. I had gone there to share… read more

The economics of choice: Christians, abortion, and justice

By Kira Schlesinger
In the wake of inter-Democratic Party arguments over the focus and future of the party, Bryce Covert published an op-ed in the New York Times entitled “Why Abortion is a… read more

Black clergy decry Trump policies as detrimental to African-Americans

By Adelle M. Banks / Religion News Service
WASHINGTON (RNS) Black clergy, standing in the shadow of the U.S. Capitol, declared that President Trump is not living up to his promise of being the “greatest… read more

Is there hope for a United Methodist Church?

By Rebekah Simon-Peter
News flash! The orthodox wing of the United Methodist Church is not going away. In fact, it’ll likely get stronger. Likewise, the progressive wing of the United Methodist… read more
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