The conversion of Donald Trump and the problem with evangelicalism’s gospel

By Tom Fuerst
What does it say about evangelicalism in America that James Dobson, one of our leading voices for the last three decades, can claim that Donald Trump has accepted Jesus Christ as… read more

The complicated faith of 'Greenleaf'

By David Person
What do you believe? And is your lifestyle consistent with your beliefs? Those are two essential questions being asked on Greenleaf, the new television drama produced by Oprah… read more

Let thy beloved community come

By Bill Mefford
Tragedies bring out the best and worst in people it seems. Seeing the unity and enormous support the people of Orlando have shown each other following the gun shooting in the… read more

The church, Orlando and LGBTQ pain

By Anna Blaedel
“Healing does not cover over, but exposes the wound to others.” — Sara Ahmed  Just over a week ago, an angry man with a history of violence and… read more

Trump suggests 'profiling' Muslims

By David Jackson / USA Today
Donald Trump, who has proposed a moratorium on Muslim immigration into the United States and possible surveillance of mosques, is now talking about "profiling" Muslims as a… read more

Obsessing over numbers

By Joseph Yoo
Confession: I rarely check my posts that go live on Ministry Matters. It’s not to avoid commenters and discussions that may come as a result of the posts. I’d actually … read more

In defense of resting on your laurels

By Rebekah Simon-Peter
“We’re always on to the next thing,” one pastor friend confided to me. “At least that’s how the people in my annual conference see it. We’re… read more

11 ways to improve your church's brand

By Len Wilson
1. Analyze your audience. Who is target demographic?  What do numbers show is your current reality?  What is your aspiration?  2. Collect website traffic data… read more

Responding to the violence in Orlando

By J. Michael Lowry
The news of another terrorist shooting and the tragic deaths of so many in the Pulse Nightclub rocks all of us with its senseless hate-filled violence. It addresses us all on so… read more

Please don't call it 'senseless'

By James A. Harnish
Was It Really “Senseless”? Of all the words pundits are using to try to make sense of the mass shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, the one that makes no… read more

What clergy families really look like

By Kira Schlesinger
Last week, the Facebook page for Hacking Christianity posted a graphic that was produced by the clergy spouses in the Texas United Methodist Conference entitled “Top 10 Ways … read more

Prayers for Orlando

By Justin Coleman
Jesus weeps, and so do we. We mourn for the loss of lives in Orlando as we do whenever senseless tragedy strikes a blow. We pray for the friends and family of all the victims and… read more
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