Worthy of double honor

By Rose Taylor
Worthy of double honor Clergy Appreciation Month has been celebrated in October since its inception by Hallmark Cards in 1992, although they did not create cards for the occasion… read more

Stateless people

By Alex Joyner
Helicopters come to a village Mizanur Rachman was working in a rice paddy near his village in Myanmar on August 25 when the helicopters came. “Immediately, I had fear in my… read more

reClaimed: Incarcerated women and their children

By ReClaimed Podcast
Charles, Matt, and Gregg are joined by Michelle Hansford to hear her amazing story, to learn about the issues surrounding women who are incarcerated and their children of these… read more

Has Facebook hurt church attendance?

By Christy Thomas
Dear Thoughtful Pastor, I remember images of old cars (they were not old at the time, but are now) lined up around the country churches and people standing outside in little… read more

Can we create revival?

By David F. Watson
A couple of weeks ago I went to hear Rolland Baker speak at a nearby church. Rolland and his wife, Heidi, are the founders of Iris Global, an organization that has planted over… read more

DACA and people of faith

By Rebekah Jordan Gienapp
One pastor’s DACA story When the Reverend Orlando Gallardo was 15 years old, he undertook a harrowing journey across the border between Mexico and the United States. At one… read more

Just add water

By Paul Bonner
Can you imagine being married for 65 years and what it would feel like to lose your closest companion after that long? For Keith Davison it meant overwhelming loneliness and… read more

New Room: Banding together for great awakening

By Heather Hahn / United Methodist News Service
FRANKLIN, Tenn. (UMNS) — Great periods of Christian revival in the U.S. need not be consigned to the church’s circuit-rider past. Even without the saddle sores and… read more

Nashville church shooting: What happens when violence invades sacred spaces

By Holly Meyer / USA Today Network
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (USA Today Network) — The deadly shooting at Burnette Chapel Church of Christ is just the latest instance of a place of worship being targeted by violence… read more

Relief, recovery and Harvey

By ReClaimed Podcast
Charles, Gregg, and Guest Host Eric Moen are joined by Russ Oeschel to discuss effective disaster relief and recovery approaches, the role that communities play in restoring… read more

Kneeling at NFL liturgies

By Thomas J. Reese / Religion News Service
(RNS) — From a Catholic perspective, the controversy over kneeling during the national anthem is strange. Many people, like President Trump, are criticizing players for… read more

Uniting Methodists

By Rob Renfroe
Imagine it’s Christmas and underneath the tree there is a package with your name on it. The paper is bright and colorful. The bow is beautiful with just enough glitter that… read more
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