New ‘My Husband’s Not Gay’ show causes uproar

By Ann Oldenburg / USA Today
(RNS) TLC prides itself on showcasing how people live, offering a look into a world we may not often see. The cable network has brought us “19 Kids & Counting,”… read more

Healing in a hug

By LinC (Living in Christ), Brent Lamberth
It’s now known as “the hug shared around the world.”   Video: CBS News via YouTube On Tuesday, November 25th, in Portland, Oregon, twelve-year-old Devonte… read more

The church, U2 and Taylor Swift

By Joseph Yoo
Back in September, U2 released its new album digitally to all iTunes Store customers at no cost. It probably seemed like a good idea at the time. If you're Apple, why not… read more

If the Supreme Court legalizes gay marriage in 2015, how will evangelicals respond?

By Jonathan Merritt / Religion News Service
(RNS) Ten years after Massachusetts became the first state to allow same-sex marriage, gay and lesbian Americans can be wed in 35 states and the District of Columbia (Florida will … read more

Why I preach in jeans

By Chad Holtz
For a long time the hardest decision I had to make on Sunday morning was choosing what to wear. In seminary, as a student pastor, my choice of wear was easily solved with an alb… read more

You won't believe what gets left out of every good sermon

By Tom Fuerst
If Malcom Gladwell is right and it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert, then I’ve got a seriously long road of sermonizing ahead of me. I like to write and reflect on the … read more

Humanity's top 5 searches

By Courtney T Ball
My oldest brother has some experience in marketing, so I regularly ask him for tips on how to grow my audience as a writer. One exercise he suggested a while back was to look at… read more

The 14 most-read Ministry Matters articles of 2014

By Shane Raynor
Here we are at the end of another year. 2014 was a time of growth and transition for Ministry Matters. We picked up a number of new contributors, we expanded our content and we… read more

Gone Fishing?

By Lance Moore
Jonah 3:1-5, 10; Mark 1:14-20 One of my favorite movies is a slapstick comedy titled “Gone Fishin'” starring Danny Glover and Joe Pesci as two fools whose only passion … read more

Ritual and resistance: 6 worship suggestions

By Christy Thomas
“ … ritual isn’t about expressing religious commitment at all, but about doing something in a way that marks the moment as different from the everyday and… read more

Pope Francis challenges Muslims to condemn violence in the name of God

By Josephine McKenna / Religion News Service
VATICAN CITY (RNS) Pope Francis on Tuesday (Dec. 23) challenged Muslim religious leaders to “unanimously” condemn the violent persecution of Christians in the Middle… read more

‘Tonight, I'm not homeless’

By LinC (Living in Christ), Paul Bonner
Have you ever sat down for dinner with a complete stranger? Better yet, have you ever paid a lot of money to eat with someone vastly different from you? At one hundred dollars a… read more
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