A passion for justice

By Jeanne Torrence Finley
The whole gospel When I entered Candler School of Theology at Emory University, I was assigned as a work-study secretary to retired bishop John Owen Smith, the “Churchman in … read more

How new global charities are beating 'faith-based organizations' at their own game

By Allison Schnable / Religion News Service
(RNS) This holiday season, Operation Christmas Child volunteers will pack 9.5 million shoeboxes for poor children around the world. The boxes, full of toys, clothes, and hygiene… read more

The Voice: Lessons for the mainline church

By Rebekah Simon-Peter
I’m not much for reality TV. But many a Monday night I can be found in front of the TV watching aspiring vocalists sing their way into the hearts of America. Yup, I am… read more

Love In a Big World: Joe

By Tamara Fyke
According to our local newspaper, homelessness is growing in Nashville right along with the economy.  The increase in the cost of living means that more people are on the… read more

Not alone

By Paul Bonner
On a seemingly normal trip to the grocery store, something extraordinary happened; a bit kindred you might say. It was four-year-old Norah’s birthday, and she shared her joy … read more

Love In a Big World: Christmas beliefs

By Tamara Fyke
I love Christmas…and Christmas movies. My kids and I spent much of last weekend cuddled up on the couch enjoying family and films. Tim Allen’s Santa Claus movies, the … read more

The perfect gift? Your words.

By David Staal
To give an appropriate answer is a joy; how good is a word at the right time! — Proverbs 15:23  Estimates indicate the average adult vocabulary includes over… read more

The Work of Solidarity

By Mark Lockard, Hannah Adair Bonner
On this episode of Ministry Matters Radio, Mark Lockard speaks with pastor, author and activist Rev. Hannah Adair Bonner about living out the church's call to justice work… read more

God Does Move through Cross-Racial, Cross-Cultural Appointments!

By Stephen Handy
In 1968 The United Methodist Church in America consisted of 94% white people and 6% people of color. Ironically, in 2013, though America was browning, the demographics were still… read more

When belief isn't enough

By Rebekah Simon-Peter
What’s the main reason people leave the church? It’s not politics. It’s not traditional worship. It’s not talk of money. It’s not unfriendly or… read more

Advent: Finding our unity in Jesus

By Mike Slaughter
Advent is the ideal time for Jesus followers of all political persuasions and partisan alliances after this difficult election cycle to set aside our differences, coming together… read more

Love In a Big World: Happy Holidays

By Tamara Fyke
Now that Thanksgiving is over, we have officially entered the Holiday Season. It’s a time for celebrating and singing, a time for decorating and eating, a time for traveling … read more
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