Learning the value of a free lunch

By Shane Raynor
My 11th grade history teacher had a poster on his classroom wall that depicted five fish swimming one behind the other. The fish increased in size from front to back, and each… read more

Who’s worshipping with YOU?

By Josh Davis, Nikki Lerner
Our world is changing and will continue to change at a rapid pace with regard to race. The 2010 US census was eye-opening to many as we began to realize how hard it is for people… read more

Tune into their hearts

By Roger Ross
The following is an excerpt from the upcoming book, "Meet the Goodpeople." My friend Lauren was skittish about faith. Every time the subject came up, she preferred to talk about… read more

Getting desperate for good

By Tom Berlin
The Reverend Tim Ward, a pastor at Floris United Methodist Church in Herndon, Virginia, is opening a second campus, Restoration Church, in Reston, Virginia. A new subway line… read more

The persuasive power of fonts in church publications

By Jeremy Smith
Theology of typeface The church I attended while growing up in the Bible Belt had no capital letters in the bulletin. Like it was written by ee cummings, the bulletin was all in… read more

What millennials crave and how the church can relate

By Chris Folmsbee, Brad Hanna
It’s hard to keep up. It seems that every time we open our social media feeds, we are greeted with yet another article about how millennials are leaving the church. Most of… read more

4 ways to jerk-proof your church

By Rebekah Simon-Peter
Recently, I wrote about why clergy get kicked out of church. There are all kinds of reasons. Lack of emotional intelligence ranks at the top. But as some of you reminded me, some… read more

What the Duggars can teach the Church about Islam

By Zack Hunt
Last Friday, I was part of a roundtable on HuffPost Live. My 15 minutes of not-even-close-to-fame on almost TV were fun, even though I was cut off from finishing a… read more

Church can happen anywhere

By Rethink Church
Church doesn't just happen when we're sitting in the pew. Church happens when we reach out to those who are hungry, sick or forgotten. When we stand together for justice and… read more

How do we dare?

By Vance P. Ross
How Do They Dare? Purple Black Divinity,Brown Devoid of EnmityPecan Tan and Shining WhiteGlistening Yellow, Gold DelightOlive Glimmer and Shimmering Red,Love Alive, No Color… read more

Our shameful denial of women pastors

By David Person
As a Christian, I am embarrassed that many among us still think that women can’t be spiritual leaders for men. This is an issue that should have stopped being an issue at… read more

Saving the UMC?

By Trevor Warren
I have a confession to make: I’m a bit of a Methodist nerd. I was that one kid in youth group who was always bothering the youth director with questions about Methodism… read more
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