It’s time for churches to step forward and heal our national wounds

By James C. Denison / Religion News Service
(RNS) Brian Williams is an African-American trauma surgeon at Dallas' Parkland Hospital. He was in charge of Parkland's emergency room July 7 when seven officers arrived. He… read more

United Methodist groups divided after election of first LGBT bishop

By Emily McFarlan Miller / Religion News Service
(RNS) The head of the United Methodist Church’s Council of Bishops said the election of its first openly lesbian bishop last week "raises significant concerns and questions… read more

Pokémon, Philistines and Ken Ham

By Shane Raynor
On this episode of the News and Religion podcast, the group and I discuss the Pokémon Go craze, the recent discovery of a Philistine cemetery in Israel and Ken Ham's… read more

The gospel of Pokémon Go

By Kira Schlesinger
By now, you’ve probably heard about the phenomenon of Pokémon Go, the augmented reality game for smartphones that dropped on Thursday and quickly skyrocketed to the… read more

Opening day for a Pokémon gym in Austin

By Wilson Pruitt
This morning was a typical Wednesday at Berkeley United Methodist Church in South Austin. When I pulled into the parking lot, though, there was a new sight. A teenager sitting on… read more

The heart path

By Tamara Fyke
“Their skin may be different from yours …But inside, their hearts are just like yours…” — from Whoever You Are by Mem Fox I grew up in the suburbs… read more

What to do if your church is a hub for Pokémon Go

By Cokesbury Commons
Are a bunch of strangers suddenly wandering around your church parking lot and staring at their phones? Congratulations! Your church is probably one of the many PokéStops… read more

The immediately slow work of repentance

By Greg Moore, Cameron Merrill
The liturgical service "A Prayer Vigil for Justice & Peace" is available at the bottom of this article as a downloadable PDF.  “Every one, though born of God in an … read more

Social media, virtual presence and racial justice

By Deanna A. Thompson
Just a few days ago — and just a few miles from my house — Diamond Reynolds streamed the aftermath of the fatal shooting of her boyfriend, Philando Castile. They were… read more

Preacher, talk me into it

By Stan Purdum
Marketers have found my number — my cell phone number, that is. “Rachel from cardholder services” and several other sellers and possible scammers call to tell me … read more

What to say, what to do

By F. Willis Johnson
I am a pastor, in New York City with my wife, on a few days of summer leave. Over a 24-hour period my phone, social media channels and email blew up. Your attention was arrested… read more

How 'A Prairie Home Companion' made American religion real

By Jacob Lupfer / Religion News Service
(RNS) Religion experts perennially complain that mass entertainment culture is ignorant about religion and portrays it badly. But there's one show they overlook. For 42 years… read more
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