Transitioning Your Church to Living Color

By Bob Whitesel, Mark DeYmaz
As pastors, we must be intentional in transitioning our mostly monoethnic churches into healthy multiethnic communities of faith. This requires us to make some adjustments in our… read more

Cultivating compassion

By Kyle Reynolds
In the midst of the wide-ranging reactions to the election this week, one particular stream of responses has caused me much reflection. It is the response that sounds something… read more

When pastoral anxiety is a witness

By Laura Patterson
In the wake of the results of the 2016 presidential election, I, like so many other pastors, have struggled with what to say. My struggle was not with responding to competing… read more

Prayer, pizza and blazing signs of hope

By Deborah Lewis
It shouldn’t have surprised me, but it did. On Wednesday, as the nation reeled over our election results, I woke up after barely five hours of sleep to a text from one of my … read more

The morning after

By James C. Howell
In many ways, this is the most important post in my entire series on being faithful during this political season — and it’s important to tell you I wrote this one… read more

3 ways to practice civility after a very uncivil election

By Ed Stetzer / Religion News Service
(RNS) The once noble goal of decency in politics seems to have gotten lost, and the Christian’s call to love along with it. For the sake of the Kingdom of God and the good… read more

What would Jesus share?

By Nance Hixon
One of my professors in seminary, Sam Wells, compares living faithfully to doing improv. That's because, he says, "we face new circumstances in each generation that … read more

Entering the Good Place

By Samantha Tidball
A new comedy TV series starring Kristen Bell as Eleanor Shellstrop recently aired on NBC. In the series opener, Eleanor wakes up in what looks like a college admissions office… read more

Facilitating Difficult Conversations

By F. Willis Johnson
Leading conversations about difficult topics such as race can be a little scary, but anyone who approaches this work with a loving heart and an open mind can facilitate a… read more

Preaching in a Political Season

By Michael Williams
Several years ago, while I was serving a large suburban congregation, I preached a sermon on how the healing stories in the Gospels undergird a Christian understanding that… read more

From collusion to covenant: A meditation for United Methodists

By Kenneth H. Carter, Jr.
United Methodists are joined together institutionally through conferencing, polity, symbols and financial resources. And yet in our unhealthy patterns of behavior we are also… read more

To vote or not to vote?

By James C. Howell
More than in any election in my lifetime, I’ve heard so many people say “I just can’t vote for Trump or Clinton.” Mind you, in 2012, 42% of Americans… read more
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