The new ministry strategy: show up

By David Staal
Loneliness is a large and growing problem. God said in Genesis 2 that it’s not good to be alone, and that truth remains unchanged. Data continues to pile up that proves… read more

Why a stout theological creed is not saving evangelical churches

By Tom Krattenmaker / Religion News Service
(RNS) It’s time to bury the myth that liberal theology is causing the decline of mainline churches in America — and with it, the twin falsehood that because of their… read more

Answer the 'So What?'

By Adam Hamilton
The professor of my college preaching class told the story of an old preacher who came to realize that his preaching was having little impact. He recognized that while his… read more

'Tis the season: What don't you know?

By James C. Howell
Read Rev. Howell's previous 'Tis the Season articles covering the 2016 election here. In one of his clever songs, David Wilcox tells about arguing with his wife, and it was… read more

'Tis the Season: Idolatry

By James C. Howell
Read Rev. Howell's previous 'Tis the Season articles covering the 2016 election here. Nobody I know bows down to statues of deities, but we are habitual idolaters. Martin Luther… read more

Preaching with a Hammer: Pursuing Justice in a Time of Fear

By Jacob D. Myers
Philosophy should be done with a hammer, Friedrich Nietzsche once said. So, too, preaching. Nietzsche penned these words in the context of his (in)famous attack on those… read more

5 ways to maintain your sanity this election season

By Zack Hunt
The 2016 presidential election may go down as the craziest election in American political history. Regardless of whom you plan on voting for, I think we can all agree that this… read more

What are house churches?

By Dave Barnhart
Back to the future I’ll confess that when I first heard about the idea of house churches, I thought, That’s not real church. I thought the only reason a congregation… read more

'Tis the season: Set your mind on things above

By James C. Howell
My sermon this Sunday was on Colossians 3, where Paul says “Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth.” At first blush it … read more

Election 2016: 'Tis the season

By James C. Howell
'Tis that season again — and no, it's not the season to be jolly. Everyone is frowning, exasperated, a little ticked off or disturbed. Two weeks of nightly conventions are… read more

When politics trumped faith

By Hannah Adair Bonner
As a child, I was taught that the most important characteristic about a political candidate was their faith: as a Christian nation, we needed Christian leaders, preferably born… read more

7 tips for keeping cool in hot times

By Rebekah Simon-Peter
Trump and Hillary. The Republican National Convention, the Democratic National Convention, polarizing politics. Blue on black violence. Black on blue violence. Vets killing cops… read more
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