Pro-life or pro-shame?

By Kira Schlesinger
Late last month, a story broke in the national news media about a young woman in western Maryland who was banned by her small Christian school from walking at her graduation. Her… read more

Sacrificial love

By Samantha Tidball
On June 2 the movie Wonder Woman hit the big screens and according to many critics and reviews, the film has been a “super” success. The film has set records for the… read more

Back to the basics: Love, sin, salvation and the #NextMethodism

By David F. Watson
A few good posts have popped up about the “Next Methodism” and what that might look like. Kevin Watson, Scott Fritzsche and Stephen Fife have taken up this topic, … read more

Sighs for help

By Wendy Joyner
Romans 8:26-39 It was early on a Thursday morning, long before daybreak, that I found myself driving north on I-75. My mother had been diagnosed with esophageal cancer, and I was… read more

The one question I ask when receiving a complaint

By Ron Edmondson
It would be difficult to be in leadership and not have people upset with a decision you made at some point. In fact, with every decision comes a variety of responses. Leadership… read more

Not all splits are schism

By Rebekah Simon-Peter
Will the United Methodist Church split or not over differing interpretations of human sexuality and biblical hermeneutics? That was the topic of informal conversation at a recent… read more

Lynching and Repentance

By Kira Schlesinger
When I remember learning American History in school, there is a distinct gap around the African-American experience between the end of slavery and the Civil Rights movement in the … read more

Four marks of the next Methodism

By David F. Watson
Let’s face it: no one really knows what’s going to happen over the next few years within The United Methodist Church. Division? Restructuring? Fragmentation? Slow… read more

50 years after Loving v. Virginia

By Wei-erh Chen
When I was five years old, I emigrated from Taiwan to the United States. Growing up, some of my parents’ Asian friends would wonder aloud about whether I would grow up to… read more

Making life beautiful

By Rose Taylor
National Making Life Beautiful Day is celebrated annually on June 11th. The day is set aside to honor persons who attempt to make life beautiful for others. Making Life Beautiful… read more

Hope for the earth

By Sally Dyck
The next generation in our family rarely attends church but they grew up in the church, not only attending the usual activities in a local church but also annual conference. At… read more

I refuse to forget the Christians advocating for climate action

By Brian Kaylor / Religion News Service
(RNS) While many U.S. evangelicals applaud President Trump’s decision to pull America out of the global climate agreement, I instead think of the Christians I met at the… read more
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