Review: Darkness is My Only Companion

By Drew McIntyre
Imagine a book that N.T. Wright recommended to the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, who enjoyed it so much he not only wrote the foreword, but credits it with renewing his… read more

Why Richard Dawkins’ new book won’t win him many converts

By Jacob Lupfer / Religion News Service
(RNS) How sad and frustrating it must be to realize that people around the world are rejecting your most deeply held convictions. When you devote your life to promoting a… read more

How a church shares faith where faith is suspect

By Heather Hahn / United Methodist News Service
First United Methodist Church in Portland had a problem, one other churches would envy. So many families with children were regularly attending that the Rev. Donna M.L. Pritchard… read more

A metric worth measuring

By Ben Gosden
Church metrics continue to be a moving target of evaluating the health and effectiveness of our churches. I’m reminded of that fact today as our conference journals hit… read more

Sixth St. Louis-area church damaged by fire; $2,000 reward offered

By Lilly Fowler / St. Louis Post-Dispatch
ST. LOUIS — A reward of up to $2,000 is being offered for information leading to the arrest of the culprit in a string of fires that have now hit six predominantly… read more

Fear this: 4 fears that grow your leadership

By Rebekah Simon-Peter
There’s plenty wrong with fear. It’s implicated in the debilitating effects of stress, it’s related to the development of chronic illness, and it underlies… read more

Far from dreadful: finding God in the horror genre

By Michael Miller
In an era with a seemingly endless parade of new shows in all manner of mediums, Showtime has managed to create something utterly unique and frighteningly intelligent with their… read more

Preventing domestic violence in our churches and world

By David Person
On October 12 in Huntsville, Ala., Heather Green was shot and killed by her estranged husband Jessie Green. Jessie then shot and killed himself. At the time of her death, they… read more

Oprah's ‘Belief’

By Adam Hamilton
Last month LaVon and I were invited to Montecito, California, to preview a seven-part television series produced by Oprah Winfrey called Belief. Following the preview we enjoyed… read more

Providing a refuge

By Samantha Tidball
This past September the body of a Syrian boy, Aylan Kurdi, was washed up on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. This horrific image put the Syrian refugee crisis into the global… read more

‘Me too’

By Jessica LaGrone
Jim and I got married in our 30s, a little later than most of our friends. By the time of our wedding I had been to all the wedding showers and baby showers I cared to go to as a… read more

Playboy’s decision, pornography, and the hope of the gospel

By Arthur D. Jones, Scott J. Jones
Playboy’s decision Something odd happened this week: Playboy will no longer show images of fully nude women. This announcement seems as absurd as Coke no longer selling soft … read more
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