Should vaccinations be mandatory?

By Mike Poteet
No “Mickey Mouse” matter The self-proclaimed “Happiest Place on Earth” recently became the epicenter of a major measles outbreak. By mid-January, 51… read more

The Alabama marriage divide

By David Person
As if Alabama Governor Robert Bentley didn’t have enough to deal with regarding the legalization of same-sex marriage in his state. It started with the ruling in January by… read more

‘Selma sowed, but it did not reap’; anniversary puts spotlight on deep poverty

By Aamer Madhani / USA Today
SELMA, Ala. (RNS) With the 50th anniversary of Bloody Sunday this weekend, America was reminded how this small city helped bring sweeping change to the nation. But while Selma… read more

Candler students join call to stop Georgia execution

By Kathy L. Gilbert / United Methodist News Service
(UMNS) Students, former graduates and faculty at United Methodist Candler School of Theology are rallying to support “one of their own” who sits on death row in… read more

Review: 'Me and We: God's New Social Gospel'

By Dottie Escobedo-Frank
Leonard Sweet tackles a topic dear to the hearts of many church leaders when he addresses the foils and follies, as well as the gifts and graces, of the “social… read more

Too much on the menu: When churches lack a clear mission

By Joseph Yoo
There used to be an Asian restaurant in Santa Barbara with a menu consisting of Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese and Korean cuisine. That's a lot of different styles of food for one… read more

Gay marriage gains rapid support with U.S. public, including conservatives

By Cathy Lynn Grossman / Religion News Service
WASHINGTON (RNS) As the Supreme Court readies to hear a group of cases that could make same-sex marriage legal from coast to coast, support for allowing gays and lesbians to marry … read more

Risking hospitality

By Jim Ozier
I love Mark Twain. As a matter of fact, on my first date I went to Mark Twain’s Cave in Hannibal, Missouri. I was living near Quincy, Illinois, at the time and had just… read more

No more sides!

By Steve Harper
Jesus was able to make friends with people who were unable to make friends with each other. This was a deliberate choice on his part—another way of revealing what life in… read more

Frank Underwood just dissed God. Would a real president do that?

By David Gibson / Religion News Service
(RNS) All presidents beseech God to bless the United States of America. Many pray for divine aid for themselves or their policies. Some can only wonder at the inscrutable ways of… read more

50 shades of sadness

By Michael Miller
Recently my girlfriend Kalie and I jumped on the cultural bandwagon and went to see "50 Shades of Grey." We had no burning desire to see the film, nor had we read any of the… read more

Freedom of the pulpit — Responsibility to the covenant

By Justin Coleman
When I was a seminarian, I dreamed about becoming a culturally relevant prophetic preacher who spoke truth to power in such a way that irritated, inspired, and renewed… read more
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