Book excerpt

  1. Hospitality

    Article Hospitality

    Hospitality is always in season, and honey is a symbol of radical hospitality for me. The coming of spring brought with it the usual chorus of sneezes and coughs. The visual…

  2. Preaching and Christian Identity

    Article Preaching and Christian Identity

      Postmodernism, secularism, pluralism—these are significant and complicated topics, and I am grateful if you’ve been willing to wrestle with them. But while…

  3. A Church In Need of Conversion Series

    Article A Church In Need of Conversion Series

    Eddie Hammett will be the guest speaker at the 2014 Cabinet Consultations sponsored by the Lake Junaluska Program Ministries, below are excerpts from his three books. from…

  4. Divine Design

    Article Divine Design

    In the beginning, the earth was like an unpainted, poorly lit room with all the furniture in boxes in the hallway waiting to be assembled and properly arranged. So God started…

  5. How to Use A Disciple's Journal

    Article How to Use A Disciple's Journal

    A Disciple’s Journal is a guide for witnessing to Jesus Christ in the world and following his teachings through acts of compassion, justice, worship, and devotion under the…

  6. Dare to Dream!

    Article Dare to Dream!

    How many times have you heard yourself saying, “Someday I’m going to…”? Fill in the blank. Sound familiar? I believe that “someday” is the…

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