Managing ministry

  1. Having Impact Through Others

    Article Having Impact Through Others

    There has been no other life that has had more of an impact on the world than that of Jesus Christ. Virtually everyone readily acknowledges that Jesus Christ changed the course of …

  2. Why Go Multi-Site?

    Article Why Go Multi-Site?

    When we started TurningPoint Church, we had a clear vision for what we wanted our church to be. One of the things that drove how we would structure the church centered around the…

  3. Multitasking in Ministry: Don't Do It

    Article Multitasking in Ministry: Don't Do It

    I’m a firm believer that most people who volunteer in churches should serve in only one ministry area. And if possible, paid ministry staff should try to do the same thing…

  4. Improve Your Communication: Q&A with Kem Meyer

    Article Improve Your Communication: Q&A with Kem Meyer

    Your church has a valuable message to share. But before people in the congregation or community encounter that message, they encounter you. What are you saying? How are you…

  5. Dealing with Difficult Staff

    Article Dealing with Difficult Staff

    John, our Church Council chairperson, looked worried as he walked into my office. “Martin,” he said, “you need to know that Jason (a former staff member at one…

  6. Statistics in Worship?

    Article Statistics in Worship?

    Enough statistics ABOUT worship; how about statistics IN worship? Sound crazy? Maybe. But maybe not. At a recent chaotic and unfocused council meeting, my associate pastor Peter…

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