1. Nothing is Sacred

    Blog Nothing is Sacred

    The words “holy” and “sacred” are sometimes used interchangeably. I don’t think this should be the case, as there is a huge difference between the…

  2. What Are We Doing?

    Blog What Are We Doing?

    Palm Sunday morning, I led my two daughters to the back of the sanctuary so they could be part of the palm-waving processional to kick off Holy Week. On the way, I spotted a…

  3. Wondering About Young Families

    Blog Wondering About Young Families

    A 2010 study found that the median age of United Methodists was 57. The median age of those in the United States hovers around 35. This glaring discrepancy has caused a…

  4. When Rules Prevail

    Blog When Rules Prevail

    Question: Why won’t some people go to church? Answer: Because they have been to church. Even Jesus fell into this category. After a “bad church experience,”…

  5. You Never Know What Will Grow

    Blog You Never Know What Will Grow

    Bishop Desmond Tutu recently celebrated his 82ndbirthday. The accomplishments of his eight decades are well-known and many. We know the story: For most of his life he has labored…

  6. Don't Define Your Neighbors, Love Them

    Blog Don't Define Your Neighbors, Love Them

    A religious leader came to Jesus with a question. “If loving God and loving my neighbor is the totality of religious and spiritual requirement, then tell me Jesus, who is my …

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