1. The Arrogant Jesus I Follow

    Blog The Arrogant Jesus I Follow

    One of my students I’ve known better than most attended four classes of mine at two different colleges on the way to his degree. He’s crazy smart and always challenges …

  2. When Rules Prevail

    Blog When Rules Prevail

    Question: Why won’t some people go to church? Answer: Because they have been to church. Even Jesus fell into this category. After a “bad church experience,”…

  3. Jesus Was a Crappy Evangelist

    Blog Jesus Was a Crappy Evangelist

    Jesus can make some situations pretty awkward. A few summers ago, I found myself on the downtown streets of my city. Yes, I was passing out tracts.  Yes, I was asking…

  4. Friending Jesus

    Blog Friending Jesus

    Everyone likes to have friends.  The more friends, the better. And as the word “religion” has become more and more distasteful, Christians have tried to bill…

  5. Is Jesus the One?

    Blog Is Jesus the One?

    The price that John the Baptist would pay for his prophetic message was his life. He had spoken the word of the Lord without fear. Herod Antipas of Galilee threw John in prison at …

  6. Make Your Face Shine

    Blog Make Your Face Shine

    Imagine with me the Apostle Peter, who is imprisoned in Rome near the end of his life, talking to his cellmate about the day when Jesus spoke about his coming again. We were used …

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