Watch this Movie. Read this Book.

by Martin Thielen
Change is never easy. But people and organizations, including pastors and churches, must constantly change or die. I was reminded of this crucial truth over the past few days… read more

There Are No Seekers

by Matt Appling
What are so-called “seekers” actually seeking? You know, those seekers that we talk about so much.  Whole churches can be seeker sensitive, or seeker driven, or … read more

Why Go Multi-Site?

by Josh Mauney
When we started TurningPoint Church, we had a clear vision for what we wanted our church to be. One of the things that drove how we would structure the church centered around the… read more

A Very Mixed Bunch

by David Lowes Watson
One glance at the average congregation on a Sunday morning makes clear that Christians are a very mixed bunch. Without the grace of Christ to bring us together each week, few of… read more

Accruing Power

by John Flowers, Karen Vannoy
The leadership or nominating committee of any local church is a place where we pastors can do our most productive work. In a best-case scenario, committee members put their heads… read more

Partnerships Turn Churches Around

by Jessica Miller Kelley
There are a lot of ways to plant and grow new churches. Some say the multi-site model will become the standard for church growth, with numerous congregations sharing the vision… read more
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