Church Growth & Vitality

  1. Change from the Edge

    Articles Change from the Edge

    Change does not happen from the center. It happens, almost every time, from the edge. The center may hope for and call for change, but here’s the problem with that: it…

  2. Contagious Christianity

    Articles Contagious Christianity

    What makes Christianity contagious?  We are sufficiently familiar with some of the answers: Contagious Christianity is imaginative, engaging, enthusiastic, and growing. Those …

  3. Interest-Based Outreach Ideas

    Blog Interest-Based Outreach Ideas

    On a recent rainy Sunday afternoon, I sat on our covered front porch with our local "family" magazine--you know, the kind you pick up for free at the grocery store or…

  4. What about Working Moms?

    Blog What about Working Moms?

    While visiting my parents this past weekend, I had the opportunity to worship at my home church (which I've gushed about before) and something in the bulletin caught my eye:…

  5. Creating a Thriving College Ministry

    Articles Creating a Thriving College Ministry

    As the school year gets back into full swing, church leaders everywhere breathe a sigh of relief. With camps and VBS and vacations behind them, families settle back into a more…

  6. John Q. Feels Old

    Articles John Q. Feels Old

    Just as secret shoppers help retailers know what real customers are experiencing in their stores, John (or Jane) Q. Visitor offers the real view from the pew in congregations…

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