Church Buildings and Sacred Space

by Betsy Hall
We all know the church is more than a building, the church is more than a steeple. Tracey Ford and Gary Everton with EOA Architects understand this in a unique way. I talked with… read more

Spring Breakers, Snowbirds, and Barflies All Worship at the Water

by Jeremy Mount
When speaking to locals about the outreach worship service meeting in our Gulf Coast community’s world-renowned bar, the Flora-Bama, it becomes evident that things are not… read more

Review: The Welcoming Congregation

by Patricia Farris
Henry Brinton is a pastor. He writes for pastors and for the church. He writes out of his own experience and draws on the wisdom of others. The Welcoming Congregation: Roots and… read more

Ditching Our Stewardship Campaign - for Discipleship

by Martin Thielen
A few months ago our ministry team made tentative plans for this fall’s stewardship campaign. A few weeks later we ditched that plan. Instead, we are going to lead a… read more

Invitation is Everyone's Job

by Jessica Miller Kelley
In a recent article on increasing your worship attendance, I distilled five major tips from a list of fifty great tips by Bob Crossman. Those five things, however, involve… read more

John Q's Web Reviews

by John Q. Visitor
Like many folks considering trying out a new church, Ministry Matters' "secret church shopper," John Q. Visitor, often takes to the web to find service times, directions, and… read more
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