9 Questions Church Visitors Aren't Asking (...but churches are still trying to answer)

by Matt Rosine
So how soon can I get involved with your committees? Can I get a longer bulletin—maybe something with more detail? Will you please single me out in front of all the people … read more

Stewardship and Vitality Go Hand in Hand

by Bob Crossman
Has your offering plate been emptier this year? If your church is typical, the offering in 2011 was smaller than in 2010. Adjusted for inflation, giving to religious organizations … read more

Teams, Not Committees

by Robert C. Crosby
“Committee” is a Curse Word Have you ever seen the popular sign that says, “For God so loved the word that he did not send a committee”? That is cute and… read more

The Reason for a ReStart

by Dottie Escobedo-Frank
According to one report, 188,000 orthodox churches in America today are in need of a reStart. The U.S. has 200,000 orthodox Christian churches, and 300,000 churches overall. What… read more

Community Labor Day Worship

by Katie Z. Dawson
I am meeting in a local coffee shop this morning with other area pastors to plan our annual Labor Day community worship service. Our Labor Day ecumenical worship actually began… read more

Unity and Schism in the Early Church

by Charles E. Gutenson
To what extent was the body of Christ unified during the first few centuries of its history? Sometimes, we are presented with an overly optimistic, perhaps mythical, view of the… read more
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