Considering the Context of Worship

by Jacob Armstrong
When I was appointed to pastor a new church start, I began to dream of what “my” new church would look like. By the time I hit the ground as pastor of a church with no … read more

Five Stones: Conquering Your Giants

by Shane Stanford, R. Brad Martin
The First Stone: Draw A Clear Picture “A man can’t be too careful in his choice of enemies.” – Oscar Wilde Scripture reference to David and Goliath "Your… read more

Review: The Go-To Church

by Eric Van Meter
According to Bryan Collier, the best way to grow a church in our current American context is not to try to attract adherents to a single site complex. Rather, it is to go out… read more

Why Sermon Preparation is Important

by Joseph Yoo
I was about half a year into my first full-time ministry position. I was the Pastor of English Ministries at a Korean church in Aiea, HI. Our college worship service was at an… read more

Bringing the Age Groups Together

by Missy Buchanan
Not long ago I stood with my feet in the clear water of the Caribbean. It was a quiet morning as I lingered and listened to the natural rhythm of the waves that was interrupted… read more

Planting New Churches

by Dave Barnhart
Our Church-Planting Heritage In the early days of American Methodism, most churches didn’t have full-time pastors; they had circuit riders, itinerant preachers who rode… read more
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