What Are You Known For?

by Dottie Escobedo-Frank
Does your community know your church exists? If so, how do they describe you? Are you described as “elderly,” “boring,” “anglo,”… read more

New Year's Visitors

by Jessica Miller Kelley
New Year’s resolutions are a celebration of good intentions. Some we stick with, some we don’t, but the goal is always to make changes that we know are good for us… read more

Witchcraft and Christianity

by Shane Raynor
I developed a fascination with witchcraft and magic when I was a little kid. Although the Harry Potter series wouldn’t come along for another generation, there were other… read more

Church for the Unaffiliated

by James K. Wellman, Jr.
The American religious landscape is experiencing some fundamental changes. The recent Pew Report highlights findings that question many of the assumptions that previous religious… read more

Church Buildings and Sacred Space

by Betsy Hall
We all know the church is more than a building, the church is more than a steeple. Tracey Ford and Gary Everton with EOA Architects understand this in a unique way. I talked with… read more

Spring Breakers, Snowbirds, and Barflies All Worship at the Water

by Jeremy Mount
When speaking to locals about the outreach worship service meeting in our Gulf Coast community’s world-renowned bar, the Flora-Bama, it becomes evident that things are not… read more
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