Unity and Schism in the Early Church

by Charles E. Gutenson
To what extent was the body of Christ unified during the first few centuries of its history? Sometimes, we are presented with an overly optimistic, perhaps mythical, view of the… read more

The "Young Adult Problem": Why You Can't Solve It

by Ben Gosden
I think many in the church will agree that, by and large, we have a “young adult problem.” What’s the problem, you ask? Well, young adults are not coming to our… read more

Review: Make or Break Your Church in 365 Days

by Patricia Farris
Paul Borden writes as someone who knows, or rather, as someone who has learned the hard way, all that is truly involved in church renewal. As Executive Minister of Growing Healthy … read more

When Christianity Gets Boring

by Shane Raynor
I’ve been noticing a lot of articles and blog posts lately on the topic of young people leaving the church. The church definitely has a problem, but the biggest issue here… read more

Watch this Movie. Read this Book.

by Martin Thielen
Change is never easy. But people and organizations, including pastors and churches, must constantly change or die. I was reminded of this crucial truth over the past few days… read more

There Are No Seekers

by Matt Appling
What are so-called “seekers” actually seeking? You know, those seekers that we talk about so much.  Whole churches can be seeker sensitive, or seeker driven, or … read more
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