Church Growth & Vitality

  1. Churches and Line Extension

    Blog Churches and Line Extension

    Churches cannot grow strong using a side-door strategy. Side doors are everything else a church does besides teaching the gospel and helping people grow in their faith. Somehow…

  2. Megachurches Do It Better

    Blog Megachurches Do It Better

    There’s a photo going around Facebook and Google+ showing what’s supposed to be a megachurch auditorium, complete with cushioned theater seats, lights, big TV screens…

  3. McLessons for Children's Ministry

    Articles McLessons for Children's Ministry

    Whether we’re “lovin’ it,” or hatin’ it, there’s one thing we can all agree on—McDonald’s restaurants are successful. With over…

  4. 'Attractional' vs. 'Missional'?

    Blog 'Attractional' vs. 'Missional'?

    Talk about spectacle. 13,000 people. Rock concert quality music. Gobo lighting. Standing room only seating for… a church conference? This, my friends, is a photo of…

  5. Don't Give 'em What They Want

    Blog Don't Give 'em What They Want

    In the West, it’s hard to grow a church without catering to people’s wants and felt needs. We preach super practical sermon series, we offer small groups that are…

  6. The Coming Death Tsunami

    Articles The Coming Death Tsunami

    In the past several years, the world has witnessed the horror of two massive tsunamis, first in Indonesia and more recently in Japan. The loss of life and devastation surpass what …

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