'Nones' and Faith

by Alex Joyner
Emergence of the “Nones” Their numbers have been growing. When asked to claim a religious affiliation, the number of Americans who say “none” has risen… read more

I'm Done Fixing the Church: Turning the Future Over to God

by Billy Doidge Kilgore
My friend and fellow young pastor slouched in his office chair and spoke in an exasperated tone. “In the past few years, I have tried everything I know of to help this… read more

7 Signs Your Church Needs a Power Infusion

by Shane Raynor
Do you ever wonder why some churches seem to grow with little effort while others struggle just to maintain the amount of people they have? Part of this, of course, can be… read more

I'm in a Different Place

by Marvin A. Moss
When I was a student in the fifth grade there would be times that the teacher would have to leave the room. Before she would leave, she would select a student to be in charge… read more

Repurposing Dying Churches

by Alan Rudnick
It seems that I’m stuck on thinking about dying or dead churches. Why so grim, Alan? That is a good question. It seems that folks are interested in talking about this topic. … read more

Yeehaw! Cowboy Church

by Betsy Hall
I was born and raised in the city. So if you think going to worship at the Nashville Cowboy Church (NCC) might have been a bit of a stretch for me, it was. But once I found a pew … read more
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