Culture Change the Disney Way

by Christopher W. Perry
On my last trip to Walt Disney World, I spoke with people from Brazil, Australia, the UK, Germany, Japan, and a large majority of the 50 states. Why would people travel from all… read more

Rescuing Pentecost

by Eric Van Meter
Pentecost is in trouble. And that means trouble for the Church. It’s not that Pentecost is in danger of commercialization, like Christmas or even Easter. The Spirit is too… read more

Why Web Ministry? Countering the Top Ten Excuses

by Mark Stephenson
Even as the Internet has grown in popularity and importance in daily life, many power-brokers in our churches remain hesitant to start a real Internet ministry. Most organizations … read more

Ten Commandments of Worship Experiences

by Shawn Wood
As Experiences Pastor at Seacoast Church, it is my job to help create “spirit-filled, yet not creepy, but kind of mystical connections with God” in our weekend… read more

Refusing to Let Challenges Hinder Growth

by Betsy Hall
Dave Stambaugh, Pastoral Associate at Hollywood United Methodist Church, is responsible for spiritual formation, adult education, membership, pastoral care, and small groups. He… read more

Make January Big

by Martin Thielen
Martin Thielen is pastor of Brentwood United Methodist Church, just south of Nashville, Tennessee. Martin’s most recent book is “What’s the Least I Can Believe… read more
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