Ten Commandments of Worship Experiences

by Shawn Wood
As Experiences Pastor at Seacoast Church, it is my job to help create “spirit-filled, yet not creepy, but kind of mystical connections with God” in our weekend… read more

Refusing to Let Challenges Hinder Growth

by Betsy Hall
Dave Stambaugh, Pastoral Associate at Hollywood United Methodist Church, is responsible for spiritual formation, adult education, membership, pastoral care, and small groups. He… read more

Make January Big

by Martin Thielen
Martin Thielen is pastor of Brentwood United Methodist Church, just south of Nashville, Tennessee. Martin’s most recent book is “What’s the Least I Can Believe… read more

Leading a Small Group Bible Study

by Ministry Matters
 People often ­­­­­view the Bible as a maze of obscure people, places, and events from centuries ago and struggle to relate it to their daily lives. What… read more

John Q. Gets Word Overload

by John Q. Visitor
Just as secret shoppers help retailers know what real customers are experiencing in their stores, John (or Jane) Q. Visitor offers the real view from the pew in congregations… read more

Interview w/ Mike Slaughter

by Shane Raynor
I had the opportunity this week to talk with Mike Slaughter, the lead pastor of Ginghamsburg Church and author of Change the World. Here are a few highlights. The complete… read more
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