1. Geocaching for Tweens

    Articles Geocaching for Tweens

    The chances are that even if you have never heard of geocaching, your tweens will have. Geocaching is a fascinating, fun phenomenon that is growing in popularity. A free…

  2. One Night Revival

    Blog One Night Revival

    I was welcomed into a Southern congregation not long ago by the strangest message on the little placard in front of their church. It read: “Ronnie McBrayer: One Night…

  3. Connecting with Visitors

    Articles Connecting with Visitors

    We recently shared six guidelines for making your church building more welcoming. Those things shouldn't be overlooked, but even in a guest-friendly facility, it's the human…

  4. Keeping Evangelism Fresh

    Blog Keeping Evangelism Fresh

    Evangelism is a loaded word. Some of us hear it and think of television preachers. Or people going door to door trying to convert the masses. Gospel tracts left under windshield…

  5. Your Building Matters

    Articles Your Building Matters

    Our building footprint matters. So how do you prepare your facility to be inviting to guests? Look at your building through the eyes of a guest. Better yet, invite unconnected…

  6. Fresh Expressions: Evangelism for Our Culture

    Articles Fresh Expressions: Evangelism for Our Culture

    I grew up Methodist, became Baptist as a teen, wandered around the “religious cereal aisle” in my college years, and eventually in my mid-twenties, I found the ancient …

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