Religious ‘Nones’ May Not Be Who You Think They Are

by Cathy Lynn Grossman
(RNS) In recent surveys, the religious “nones” — as in, “none of the above” — appear to lead in the faith marketplace. In fact… read more

The Challenges of Homelessness

by Katie Shockley
I lived in Chicago for a few years. One evening when my friends and I went into a taco restaurant, we passed a young man standing near the entrance who appeared to be homeless but … read more

After Prison

by Rebekah Jordan Gienapp
Forging a New Path The number of men and women being released from prison has soared in recent decades, with approximately 1,700 people leaving prison each day, according to a… read more

A Conversation with Michael Waters

by Janice Neely, Michael W. Waters
Explain the word Freestyle and how it fits the content of your book. Michael: In hip-hop culture, freestyle occurs when a rapper or MC performs spontaneous, unrehearsed lyrics… read more

Health Ministries and Local Churches

by Jill M. Johnson
Stories of Healing and Healers “Beverly” is a 61-year-old married woman who works in retail sales. Her husband, a software engineer, lost his job in the recession… read more

How New Disciples Are Within Your Reach

by Kay Kotan
How do we learn to share our faith without feeling anxiety or being perceived as just plain weird? That seems to be a common question these days. There is fear and anxiety at the… read more
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