Some say that Sunday School is dead; But I say…

by Margaret Ann Crain
When I was thirteen years old I refused to go back to Sunday School. “I'm never going to go to that class again,” I announced to my parents with all the… read more

Reclaiming John Wesley's Holistic Salvation

by Randy L. Maddox
As John Wesley contemplated the mediocrity of moral character and the ineffectiveness in social impact of Christians in eighteenth-century England, he became convinced that a… read more

A Sense of Place

by Thomas E. Frank
The mission challenge for our churches is to help us become inhabitants. Planted in a place, congregations can put down deep roots. On Thursday evening, June 21, 1781, Francis… read more

The Gifted Pastor

by Kenneth H. Carter, Jr.
Every follower of Jesus Christ has a spiritual gift. This core truth is a corrective to many of our false assumptions about gifts, about ministry, about life. Some of us… read more

Give Satan a Second Thought?

by Joanna Adams
If I asked you to select a symbol that best reflects the dominant values of our age, what would you choose? The Golden Arches of McDonald's? The Apple MacIntosh? The Coca-Cola… read more

Preschool Spirituality

by Leanne Ciampa Hadley
I have spent my entire ministry studying, working with, and trying to understand the spiritual lives of children and how, as the church, we can best help them grow into adults who … read more
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