Letting God be God: Ecumenism's Challenge

by David Yount
Google, the Internet search engine, does not aspire to be a resource for biblical scholars. Yet it offers over a million and a half references to John 14:6. A disinterested… read more

On Theological In-Laws

by Robert A. Ratcliff
Quietly, the professor uttered a statement that silenced the raised voices, arrested everyone's attention, and changed my thinking about theology forever. We were arguing about… read more

Preaching on the Way of John 14:6

by William H. Willimon
Jesus is on the way, the way of the cross. And on his cruciform way Jesus speaks about the way of the disciples. He tells them that he is the way his way is the way that is, the… read more

What About Kat?

by Carol Cavin-Dillon
What about Kat? Do you think she's going to hell?” It was the hardest question I'd ever been asked. Kat was my college roommate and my closest friend. We were at the beach… read more

What if there really is only one way?

by J. David Trawick
Jesus said, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” (John. 14:6) If we believe these words mean what they say what do… read more

Hidden Poverty: Ministry with the Rural Poor

by Judith Bortner Heffernan
Hazel Burrow had lived in Bremer County, Iowa, all of her life. With seven children of her own and a home that welcomed foreign exchange students and numerous guests, her life was … read more
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