Recognize and Help Victims of Domestic Violence

By Zachary Summerlin, Lindsay Leverett
In April 2009, Charles “Chuck” Colson, addressed the issue of domestic violence in the church with a frightening account of what happens when ministers minimize the… read more

Do You See Them? A New Paradigm of Family

By Linda Ranson Jacobs
Here’s the church. Here’s the steeple. Open the door and, wait . . . Where are all the people? The above is from a cute nursery ditty many of us grew up quoting, but… read more

See and Befriend

By George G. Hunter III
Jesus sent out his disciples as “salt” and “light,” to befriend and minister to people on their turf and to make more disciples among all people. Paul said … read more

Breaking Bad... Not Really

By David Dorn
Breaking Bad is one of the best shows ever on TV. It's also spawned interested conversations. But let's face it, most of us aren't breaking bad, but we aren't breaking good… read more

Shark Week: Why We Buy into Unreal Reality

By David Dorn
I just finished watching the first night of Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. The programing the first night was designed to grab people’s attention at the beginning of a … read more

Cultural Fascination with Zombies

By Peter Surran
Movies and TV Though it may not be the all-out apocalypse that often frames their appearance on TV and in the movies, it is evident that zombies are everywhere in today’s… read more
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