Young adult ministry

If Millennials Leave Religion, Then What?

By Peter Levine
(RNS) As the Pew Research Center recently found, today’s young people are “less likely than older generations to be affiliated with any religion.” The question… read more

Traditional Problems Super-Sized for Young Adults

By Eric Van Meter
In 1965, when most parents of today’s college students were small children, the average American consumed approximately 80 pounds of sugar per year, a number that had… read more

Our Charge: Know and Serve Young Adults

By Emanuel Cleaver III
A friend of mine invited me to go fishing with him. I’m not a fisherman. In an effort to show that I was not clueless, I bought my own equipment. My friend used crickets and … read more

Cut Dead But Still Alive

By Gregory C. Ellison II
Caregivers must have “ears that hear and eyes that see—the Lord has made them both” (Proverbs 20:12). But do we see the people who maintain the grounds of our… read more

Gone, Baby, Gone

By Kevin Alton
Last month a post on CNN’s Belief Blog by popular Christian writer Rachel Held Evans sparked a firestorm of online response and real-world discussion about why members of… read more

Tyrion’s Church Part 2: Word and Sacrament

By Brad Gabriel
Previous: Tyrion's Church Part 1: Source Material Humans are shaped, formed, if you please, by all that they encounter even before birth. What we take into our minds, bodies and… read more
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