1. Food from the Earth

    Video Food from the Earth

    Watch how one church participates in congregation supported agriculture. Erin McKenzie was called and now serves at Food from the Earth ministry, read her story.

  2. Big Garden (Omaha Community Gardens)

    Video Big Garden (Omaha Community Gardens)

    The Big Garden began in 2005. Initially funded by the USDA's Community Food Project, the Big Garden had a goal of creating 12 community gardens in three years. The Big Garden's…

  3. Lessons I've Learned from a Hospital Room

    Video Lessons I've Learned from a Hospital Room

    I've been in hospitals a lot lately. I've learned some life changing lessons while there...

  4. An Unforgettable Football Play

    Video An Unforgettable Football Play

    Wait till you see what a middle school football team did for one of their teammates. Source: CBS News

  5. Changing Lives with Skateboards

    Video Changing Lives with Skateboards

    Jacob Henley and Will Anderson of Nashville started a company with a unique vision—to mentor urban young men by employing them to help make beautiful, high-quality…

  6. Why Do Christians Worship?

    Video Why Do Christians Worship?

    A few years ago I got the chance to interview J.D. Walt, now the current head of Previously, Walt held the position at Asbury Theological Seminary as the Dean of…

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