Seeing the body through Christian eyes

By Mike Poteet, LinC (Living in Christ)
In late August computer hackers accessed the private photos of one hundred women celebrities. Many of these photos were nude or seminude images taken with cell phones and stored… read more

Shroud of Turin conference draws believers to St. Louis

By Lilly Fowler / St. Louis Post-Dispatch
ST. LOUIS (RNS) A 14-foot-long stretch of cloth mysteriously imprinted with a faint, brownish image of a naked man and wounds that mirror those of a crucifixion has inspired… read more

Jesus Khan

By Dave Barnhart
The meaning of words is slippery. Dictionary definitions provide the illusion of stability, but words also carry with them images, metaphors, and connotations. This is why I love… read more

Rediscovering worship in the Old Testament

By Brian Sigmon
Be honest. You read that title and expected me to talk about sacrificing goats, didn’t you? Before you start reminding me of Hosea 6:6 or Christ’s once-for-all… read more

What a view!

By Neil Epler
Deuteronomy 34:1-12 Wow! What a view! Have you ever said those words? I wonder if Moses said them when he climbed Mount Pisgah and looked out at the promised land. Most of us have … read more

Speaking without notes

By Tom Fuerst
About six weeks ago, a few friends challenged me to take my preaching to the next step by preaching without notes. A part of me was really excited about this challenge — not … read more

Resisting the urge for perfection

By Timothy Siburg
If you are a part of a congregation, faith community, or serve or volunteer with a nonprofit, you know that it is important to cultivate volunteers or “lay leaders.”… read more

Domestic violence and faith

By Mike Poteet
Staring into the dark hole Since 1987, October has been designated Domestic Violence Awareness Month in the United States. This October, domestic violence was already in the… read more

The struggle with depression

By Katie Shockley
What is depression? Like many people around the world, the news of the death of award-winning actor and comedian Robin Williams shocked and surprised me. His public persona always … read more

Unsportsmanlike conduct

By Melissa Slocum, LinC (Living in Christ)
As soon as the TMZ video of former Baltimore Ravens player Ray Rice hitting his then fiancée in an elevator went viral, the NFL went on the defensive and is still fumbling… read more

Christians got talent

By Neil Epler
Based on the success of shows like American Idol, Great Britain started a similar show, Britain’s Got Talent. It became an instant hit thanks to a woman named Susan… read more

Can kids with Down syndrome have friends?

By Amy Julia Becker
(RNS) Nearly nine years ago, I lay in a hospital bed with a sleeping baby in my arms, engulfed by fear. Mine wasn’t the typical anxiety of new mothers. We had just received… read more
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