Thanksgiving and the practice of gratitude

By Alex Joyner
The day before Black Friday If it seems that Black Friday has been arriving earlier and earlier each year, you’re right. The activities of the Friday after Thanksgiving… read more

The kingdom of heaven is (still) at hand

By Rebekah Simon-Peter
Yes, Donald Trump won the presidential election. No, not everyone is happy about that. Clinton won the popular vote while Trump won the electoral vote. Plenty of people are having … read more

Why we can't cover our post-election wounds prematurely

By Billy Doidge Kilgore
On election night, I rinsed plates and loaded the dishwasher. The chore occupied my anxious hands as the electoral map turned red and blue. After Florida proved too close to call… read more

Embracing the complexity of real American people

By Clifton Stringer
Since Donald Trump's surprise victory — and I was among those surprised — numerous good posts and commentaries have appeared exploring it from different angles. Amidst … read more

Mr. Trump, you surprised me

By Adam Thomas
Dear Mr. Trump, You surprised me last summer when you entered the large field of Republican candidates for president. I expected you to make a little news and then fade back to… read more

Entering the Good Place

By Samantha Tidball
A new comedy TV series starring Kristen Bell as Eleanor Shellstrop recently aired on NBC. In the series opener, Eleanor wakes up in what looks like a college admissions office… read more

Joseph’s dreams

By Brett Younger
Matthew 1:18-25 Saint Joseph is the patron saint of cabinetmakers, confectioners, engineers, immigrants, house hunters, travelers, pioneers, pregnant women, fathers, and married… read more

Oh be careful little fingers...

By Melissa Spoelstra
... what you type. I grew up singing a little song at church that sounded like this: Oh be careful little mouth what you say… Oh be careful little feet where you… read more

Facilitating Difficult Conversations

By F. Willis Johnson
Leading conversations about difficult topics such as race can be a little scary, but anyone who approaches this work with a loving heart and an open mind can facilitate a… read more

Thoughtful Pastor: Can I use the Bible to convince my friends to vote a certain way?

By Christy Thomas
Dear Thoughtful Pastor: Religion has a very unifying effect on its followers. Is it even possible to separate religion and politics (that govern our everyday lives)? The Bible is… read more

Post-election America

By Melissa Slocum
With just four days to go before the presidential election, many Americans are anxious about the outcome. Regardless of who is elected, roughly half of voters will be let down… read more

Civility and Christian faith

By Doug Paysour
Worst ever! Many are proclaiming that this year’s campaign is the worst ever, most uncivil and full of name-calling and bluster. Chuck Lorre, in his Vanity Card #539 at the… read more
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