By Scott Bullard
Luke 15:1-10 Luke 15 is recognized for “lost things.” In our passage for today, we see two parables—one about a lost sheep and one about a lost coin. These… read more

5 ways to maintain your sanity this election season

By Zack Hunt
The 2016 presidential election may go down as the craziest election in American political history. Regardless of whom you plan on voting for, I think we can all agree that this… read more

Vulnerability and Embodiment

By Karoline Lewis
Accepting and embracing vulnerability is essential to unlocking our power as women and men in ministry because it has everything to do with our bodies and embodiment. While we can … read more

Noah’s Ark mosaic uncovered in ancient Galilee synagogue

By Michelle Chabin / Religion News Service
(RNS) Exquisite mosaics depicting biblical scenes — one of Noah’s Ark, the other the parting of the Red Sea — were uncovered this summer by archaeologists… read more

Did Prince visit my wife in a dream?

By Clifton Stringer
Did Prince visit my wife in a dream? Here's the scoop. Early in the morning of June 1, my wife had a dream that felt very real. She dreamed she was at a party, and feeling… read more

Worship for Kids: September 4, 2016

By Carolyn C. Brown
From a Child's Point of View Old Testament: Jeremiah 18:1-11. This passage presents an image that is both familiar and challenging for children. Though they may not have seen a… read more

The original requirements for discipleship

By Thomas Lane Butts
Luke 14:25-33 This passage becomes more poignant when we remember that Jesus was on his way to Jerusalem when he said this, and he was well aware of the danger he would face… read more

Where is your heart?

By Rolf A. Jacobson
Dr. Rolf Jacobson is Professor of Old Testament at Luther Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota, and one of the stars of the "Sermon Brainwave" podcast.  In this week's sermon from … read more

Teenage jihadists, Hillary's 'God gap' and the legalization of marijuana

By Shane Raynor
On this episode of the News and Religion podcast, the panel and I discuss the recent attack by two teenage jihadists on a church in France, the possibility of the Democratic party … read more

Why it's important to follow multiple news media sources

By Shane Raynor
Last night, while watching coverage of the Democratic National Convention, I realized why it's important to follow as many news media sources as possible. Here's why I think it's … read more

Another attack on Christians by jihadists

By Shane Raynor
What should Christians do in response to the recent jihadist attack on a church in Normandy, France and the murder of a Catholic priest? What's your opinion? Leave a comment… read more

Great quote, Tim Kaine, but John Wesley never said that

By David Gibson / Religion News Service
PHILADELPHIA (RNS) It may not rank up there with Donald Trump’s “Two Corinthians” coinage or Hillary Clinton’s tortured email explanations, but a phrase… read more
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