Yale chaplain’s resignation reflects larger mainline tensions over Israel

By Sarah Pulliam Bailey / Religion News Service
When an Episcopal chaplain at Yale University seemed to suggest that Jews were culpable for Israel’s actions against Palestinians and a related rise in global anti-Semitism, … read more

Memories smell like turkey

By Ed Zinkiewicz
Last time, I talked a little of how old has gotten from being something important to being something to avoid. Old has migrated from being an integral part of life where the… read more

Walls fall down: Overcoming challenges

By Shane Raynor, Dudley Rutherford
Shane Raynor has a conversation with Dudley Rutherford, senior pastor of Shepherd of the Hills Church, a 10,000 member congregation in Los Angeles. Topics include principles… read more

Worship for Kids: October 12, 2014

By Carolyn C. Brown
From a Child's Point of View Old Testament: Exodus 32:1-14. Children today find it hard to believe that anyone would make and seriously worship a golden calf. If they are told… read more

Bible Study: Week of October 12, 2014

By Keeping Holy Time
Old Testamemt: Exodus 32:1-14 How quickly they had forgotten! Almost immediately upon receiving the law the people of Israel turned their backs on the same God who had delivered… read more


By Melissa Slocum
Some fear is helpful as it can give courage to overcome a challenge (think survival). Unfortunately, most of us experience the other kind of fear, the kind that can overwhelm and… read more

‘Revival’ / Mark Driscoll / What happened to the news?

By Shane Raynor
Reading “Revival” You may already know that we’re going through Adam Hamilton’s "Revival: Faith as Wesley Lived It" over the next couple of months on… read more

The harvest moon

By Robert Spain
Last night, I arrived home at about 7:30 p.m. Awaiting dinner with my wife, I perched myself in my well-worn, comfortable chair on my back porch. From this comfortable setting I… read more

I saw a man beheaded

By David Dorn
I recently saw a man beheaded at the hands of ISIS and it's changed the way I see the world. Related blog post: I saw a man beheaded today read more

John Wesley's rule of life

By Clifton Stringer
John Wesley is a saint. He wasn't sinless, though I think he is now. He lived life in the throes of God's grace to a degree and with a level of zeal that let him accomplish… read more

3 Keys to engaging millennials on your ministry team

By Jolene Cassellius Erlacher
“It was just very, very hard at times,” Sean said of his first ministry position. “Pastor and I didn’t always see eye to eye, and we didn’t always… read more

Bible in the public schools: What text?

By Ed Trimmer
So my 16-year-old stepdaughter signed up for a Bible class in high school as an elective thinking I’m sure, easy A with both her mom and stepdad being preachers. As most of… read more
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