Susanna Wesley, Adam Hamilton, and our kids

By Clifton Stringer
Adam Hamilton's new book, “Revival: Faith as Wesley Lived It,” appeared prominently on my radar screen after my friend Shane Raynor told me it is Hamilton's best book… read more

When Christians rush to judgment

By Shane Raynor
How are Christians handling the recent events in Ferguson, Missouri and the controversy surrounding Mark Driscoll, the pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle?   When… read more

James Foley’s parents draw on faith after son’s execution

By Melanie Eversley / USA Today
(RNS) They’ve done this before. Once again, John and Diane Foley appeared on national television Wednesday (Aug. 20), to speak in clear and deliberate voices about their… read more


By Don Underwood
From January 1946 to September 1947, the great American fiction writer Flannery O'Connor kept a prayer journal. A practicing Roman Catholic from Savannah, Georgia, she had, at age … read more

Old just ain’t what it used to be

By Ed Zinkiewicz
The word old used to carry a mantel of respect. An old person was one who had achieved something, arrived, had matured. Grandfathers and grandmothers were the revered ones for… read more

Hunger in America: 1 in 7 rely on food banks

By Natalie DiBlasio / USA Today
LORTON, Va. (RNS) When Mary Smallenburg, 35, of Fort Belvoir, Va., opened a package from her mother to find cereal and ramen noodles, she burst into tears. Without it, she… read more

A decluttered faith

By Ray Waddle
There’s a long and passionate spiritual tradition of waiting for God, waiting for revival, waiting for a personal sign or the end of time—waiting for something… read more

The other narrative about Ferguson, Mo.

By Tom Ehrich / Religion News Service
(RNS) Left to their own devices, residents and officials of Ferguson, Mo., probably could have sorted out the shooting of an unarmed teenager for the apparent crime of… read more

The decision to surrender

By Tom Berlin
Scripture: Revelation 21:1-8 Revelation 22 Key Verse: the one who testifies to these things says, "Surely I am coming soon." Amen. Come, Lord Jesus! -Revelation 22:20 NRSV What… read more

I (may) have a dream

By Paul Bonner
Some of us work all our lives to realize a dream that may not even be our own. Most college athletes would never walk away from an entire year of eligibility and a chance to win a … read more

At church rally, community pours out support for Michael Brown’s family

By Lilly Fowler / St. Louis Post-Dispatch
FERGUSON, Mo. (RNS) Civil rights leader the Rev. Al Sharpton told a packed church on Sunday (Aug. 17) that the Michael Brown case would mark a defining moment in civil rights… read more

Read ‘Revival’ with us

By Shane Raynor
Calling all Wesley “enthusiasts.” We're reading through Adam Hamilton’s “Revival: Faith as Wesley Lived It” on Ministry Matters. If you’d like… read more
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