Love In A Big World: Get outside!

By Tamara Fyke
Have you been outside lately? I don’t mean just for a walk to the mailbox. Do you spend time outside drinking in the sunshine and admiring the flowers? That question reminds … read more

Worship for Kids: July 23, 2017

By Carolyn C. Brown
From a Child's Point of View Old Testament: Genesis 28:10-19a. Children need help to understand this seemingly simple story. First, the context needs elaboration. Jacob, on his… read more

Adopted by God

By Chris J. Hayes
Romans 8:12-25 I do not think there is a more beautiful image of God’s love for us than the image of adoption. I have a friend, Tina, who was adopted. She tells me of her… read more

Christian adulting

By Dave Barnhart
Thanks to the internet, language evolves at high speed. Adulting is now a verb. It means to behave like an adult or do the tasks associated with being an adult… read more

Honor your father

By Tiffany Manning
Father’s Day is a secular holiday with religious roots. It all started in 1909 when Sonora Smart Dodd heard a Mother’s Day sermon at Central Methodist Episcopal Church … read more

Responding to mass incarceration

By Dave Barnhart
What is mass incarceration? Mass incarceration is a term used by historians and sociologists to describe a dramatic rise in the prison population in the United States that began… read more

The gospel according to Wonder Woman?

By Tripp Hudgins / Religion News Service
(RNS) There is no shortage of books on popular culture and Christianity. From Harry Potter to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, authors have offered their insights on Christian faith… read more

Love In A Big World: Take good care

By Tamara Fyke
My first experiment with painting was in 1994 when I was working as a nanny. I played around with the paints that one of my kids had, and I remember feeling alive when I stroked… read more

The gospel in three words

By Rolf A. Jacobson
Rolf Jacobson, Professor of Old Testament at Luther Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota, and one of the stars of the Sermon Brainwave podcast, preaches a sermon from Matthew 28:16-20… read more

Humor, happiness and faith

By Doug Paysour
“Happy” When “Happy,” Pharrell Williams’s 2013 pop hit, comes on the stereo, my mood changes entirely. The lyrics by themselves are rather ho-hum… read more

I refuse to forget the Christians advocating for climate action

By Brian Kaylor / Religion News Service
(RNS) While many U.S. evangelicals applaud President Trump’s decision to pull America out of the global climate agreement, I instead think of the Christians I met at the… read more

Love In A Big World: Heart Connections

By Tamara Fyke
It was the last day of school many years ago. My oldest son had just gotten off the bus. I expected him to run in the house with a big grin on his face welcoming summer break… read more
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