Isaiah 9:1-4

By Terrell M. McDaniel
Read Isaiah 9:1-4 Isaiah announces new possibilities for Israel as the formerly obscure possibilities emerge in the light of God. Isaiah notes a contrast between the former days… read more

Creativity and Faith

By Jill M. Johnson
Inspired Disciple or Bored Christian? It's easy to argue that in order to value the Christian tradition, one must also value creativity. In fact, to have faith is in itself an… read more

A Conversation with Michael Waters

By Janice Neely, Michael W. Waters
Explain the word Freestyle and how it fits the content of your book. Michael: In hip-hop culture, freestyle occurs when a rapper or MC performs spontaneous, unrehearsed lyrics… read more

A Truth About Sin

By Raquel Mull
Isaiah 58:1-9a (9b-12) One characteristic I notice about children is their complete, and many times unsolicited, honesty, until they are taught some social norms. I can remember… read more

How to Teach with Authority

By Shane Raynor
There was something about the way Jesus taught that was different from the way other teachers did it at the time. In the Gospel of Mark, when Jesus went to the synagogue in… read more

Quick Links for Lent

By Ministry Matters
We've created bins to make planning for Lent and Easter easier for you. Share the links with your worship planning team or small group leaders. If you've never celebrated Lent the … read more

The Resounding Call to Dream

By Jerrod Hugenot
This weekend, many Americans gather to celebrate the civic holiday in honor of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther, King, Jr. Dr. King had many ties to the American Baptist Churches/USA… read more

Affluenza and Apathy

By Andrea Murdock
Last summer a 16-year-old Texas boy stole some beer, drank it with his buddies, then—with his blood-alcohol level way above the legal limit—got behind the wheel of his … read more

Want More Faith? Start Listening

By Shane Raynor
If you want to start a lively discussion, just bring up the subject of faith. Not faith in the religion sense (What faith do you belong to?), but faith meaning belief or trust… read more

Your Church Needs More Newspapers & Fewer Bulletins

By Tom Fuerst
I learned recently from a returning vacationer about how Disney World intentionally creates a place of "escape" from the rest of the world. They want their patrons to forget their … read more

Worship for Kids: February 23, 2014

By Carolyn C. Brown
From a Child's Point of View All of today's texts are about getting along with other people. Old Testament: Leviticus 19:1-2, 9-18. For children, these are God's directions for… read more

A Lovely Walk

By Raquel Mull
Micah 6:1-8 I am in a covenant relationship. My husband and I have been married for thirteen years. I will grant you that many others have been married for longer than that, but… read more
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