Church of Christ minister teaches peace with Muslims

By Heidi Hall
Growing up in suburban East Detroit, aware of racial tensions that had lingered after decades, Joshua Graves had a question for his dad: What did you do to help during the civil… read more

Uncovered sin

By Rose Taylor
In August of this year, hackers released information stolen from the Ashley Madison website. The website offers help to those searching for partners to have extramarital affairs… read more

How can the church learn from the emergency room?

By Craig T. Kocher, Keith Kocher
This was first published in Faith & Leadership. The metaphor of the church as hospital is a rich one, and the relationship between curing the body and caring for the soul… read more

The roller coaster ride

By Melissa Spoelstra
Have you ever forgiven someone but not been able to reconcile with them? Forgiveness and reconciliation are not the same thing. We are always called to forgive others through the… read more

No reward for trying!

By Paul Bonner
That’s the philosophy held by Pittsburgh Steelers defender, James Harrison, when it comes to participation awards. Harrison recently posted a picture on his Instagram page… read more

The power of words

By Joseph Yoo
I was always careless with words. Always looking for the quick joke at the expense of others, more concerned with if the joke was funny than if it was hurting someone. After all… read more

The curse of wisdom

By Tom Fuerst
I became a Christian just before my junior year of high school. Almost immediately I had an overwhelming desire to read and know the Bible from cover to cover. Not knowing any… read more

All work and no play …

By Melissa Slocum
A New York Times article recently reported on working conditions inside the retailing giant Amazon. But it was not a story about Far East sweatshops and near-slave labor. Instead… read more

The pope 'minds his own business'

By Michael Jinkins
The political commentator's argument was unequivocal. He said that the pope should restrict himself to spiritual and religious matters and stay out of politics. According to him… read more

Having the Ashley Madison 'Talk'

By David Person
Now that millions of members of the cheating website Ashley Madison have been outed by hackers, it’s time for pastors to start giving their members — especially the… read more

Worship for Kids: November 1, 2015

By Carolyn C. Brown
From a Child's Point of View Old Testament: Ruth 1:1-18. Underlying this story are the social realities for single women without a man for support, and laws about leviratic… read more

How to pray for everything your soul needs

By Clifton Stringer
Over the last six months, I have had the chance to do some research on both Thomas Gallus (early 13th century) and Peter John Olivi (later 13th century). (Full disclosure: My… read more
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