Adam Hamilton and the Gospel of John

By Shane Raynor
Recently Adam Hamilton and I had an in-depth conversation about the Gospel of John on the set where Adam filmed the video sessions accompanying his new book John: The Gospel… read more

Eating disorders

By Katie Shockley
What is an eating disorder? For many of us, the holiday season brings thoughts of friends, family, parties, and large meals. We look forward to the traditional holiday dishes… read more

Why should we give thanks?

By Kimberly Winston / Religion News Service
(RNS) Thursday is Thanksgiving, the annual food fest that sometimes devolves into a food fight. So if the conversation around the turkey starts to get a little heated — "Why … read more

Oneness with God, Dante and prayer

By Clifton Stringer
The initial stanza of Dante's poem Paradiso — a vision of heaven and a journey to oneness with God — goes like this: Glory, from Him who moves all things that are… read more

Having ‘better theology’ isn't enough

By Joseph Yoo
There’s a phrase — a mantra — a complaint, if you will, that is often expressed by my more progressive United Methodist colleagues (myself included). It’s… read more

The one true King

By Andrea Murdock
On November 1, 2015, the Kansas City Royals won the Major League Baseball World Series. Thirty years since their last championship and one year since their… read more

We must recognize we are engaged in cultural war

By Scott J. Jones
We are all horrified by the terrible violence committed in Paris the evening of November 13. We should be praying for the victims and their families and for the people of France… read more

Worship for Kids: December 20, 2015

By Carolyn C. Brown
From a Child's Point of View Today's Scriptures celebrate God's choice of small, insignificant people and places, for the big, exciting tasks. For children who often feel small… read more

Thoughtful Pastor: Christmas coffee cups and Protestant splinters

By Christy Thomas
Dear Thoughtful Pastor: There are obviously bigger issues for Christians than whether or not Starbucks celebrates Christmas in any shape or form. Why are so many so upset; what is … read more

Worship for Kids: December 13, 2015

By Carolyn C. Brown
From a Child's Point of View "God is at work in and through history, reconciling all the world to himself." In children's words, God has a plan that we all will become friends… read more

Polytheistic Christianity?

By Clifton Stringer
Judaism, Christianity and Islam: the three great monotheistic faiths, right? Not so fast. Lots could be said about this, and a few points will have to suffice. Here I restrict my… read more

Inerrancy or infallibility: What's the difference?

By Marc Cortez
Should we say that the Bible is “inerrant” or would it be better to say that it is “infallible”? What do these two terms mean and which is more appropriate … read more
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