Worship for Kids: December 29, 2013

By Carolyn C. Brown
From a Child's Point of View Gospel: Matthew 2:13-23. The story of the flight into Egypt is the key text for children today. It offers in a story what the other texts explore in… read more

Why I'm Open to Online Communion

By Shane Raynor
Last year I had the pleasure of having lunch with Andy Langford when he was visiting Nashville. Andy is a well-known United Methodist pastor who has been making a few waves in… read more

Convincing Others to Believe

By James W. Miller
I knew there was a college guy out there somewhere settling into a dorm, scoping out the weekend nightlife, and generally not thinking about the fact that his flippant comment… read more

Lessons from the Margins

By Lisa Nichols Hickman
I think that few spiritual practices are as immediate and engaged with Scripture as writing in the margins of the Bible—an act of connecting with and responding to God. Just … read more

Engaging the Storytellers

By Kimberly MacNeill
I call it a story. Maybe you call it a testimony. I used to be part of a church that told people's stories on a regular basis. In a year's time we would hear twenty or more people … read more

Please Write and Doodle

By Betsy Hall
I still have my first two Bibles. My first Bible I received in the third grade but didn't use until seminary. The second Bible (an easier translation to read) I used in college… read more

Joseph’s Dreams

By Brett Younger
Matthew 1:18-25 Saint Joseph is the patron saint of cabinetmakers, confectioners, engineers, immigrants, house hunters, travelers, pioneers, pregnant women, fathers, and married… read more

A Parent's Longing

By Sharon Norris Elliott
Few experiences compare in awesomeness to holding your firstborn child. That moment in that hospital room changed my life forever. I was now personally responsible for another's… read more

An Unforgettable Football Play

By CBS News
Wait till you see what a middle school football team did for one of their teammates. Source: CBS News read more

Brandon's Pictures

By Tricia Brown
I have been trying to accomplish one of my New Year's Resolutions—to get my digital pictures sorted, printed and filed. I have finished sorting up to February of this year!… read more

Choosing A Name

By Jim Hawkins
Name Denied Jaleesa Martin wanted to name her son Messiah, but she and the father of her baby could not agree on a last name for their son. The two ended up at a child support… read more

I Didn’t Even Know I Was Sick

By Adam Thomas
I wrote the following about six and a half years ago, but I've never shared it on my blog. It was my first ever attempt at "Ignatian" writing, and it hooked me on that form of… read more
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