Mediocre grace

By Rebekah Simon-Peter
Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s classic 1937 book The Cost of Discipleship describes cheap grace as the preaching of forgiveness without requiring repentance, baptism… read more

Passing the buck

By Rose Taylor
Outrage, fear and sorrow are only a few of the emotions expressed regarding the tragic situation surrounding the water crisis in Flint, Michigan. Loss of life and detrimental… read more

When you really want to wear a mask to church

By Joseph Yoo
One Sunday, our five-year-old foster son wanted to wear his Ninja Turtle costume to church. “Not today, buddy. You can’t wear a mask to church.” While he and I… read more

How Scalia’s death affects key cases before the Supreme Court this year

By Richard Wolf / USA Today
WASHINGTON — The death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia is a major setback for the conservative legal movement, as will become clear in the months ahead. This was to… read more

The Flint water crisis

By Jim Hawkins
Something in the water Many of us take water for granted. If we want safe, reliable water we simply turn on the faucet. Imagine that the water flowing out of the faucets in your… read more

Thoughtful Pastor: Idolatry and contrasting points of view

By Christy Thomas
Dear Thoughtful Pastor: In Exodus, God hands down the Ten Commandments. The second commandment forbids any graven images. Later in the same book, God tells Moses how the… read more

A bone-crushing journey

By James A. Harnish
Remembering broken bones I’ve never had a broken bone, though as a pastor I’ve seen lots of other folks experience them. I know enough to know that it’s no fun… read more

Worshipping the God of love

By Andrea Murdock
This Sunday is Valentine's Day, a holiday that, oddly enough, for all its secular and consumer foci, has its roots in the church. We won’t get too far into the history of… read more

7 casualties of being a people-pleaser

By Ron Edmondson
Leadership is hard and every decision a leader makes is subject to opinion. Different opinions. Lots of different opinions. Every hard decision a leader makes excites some and… read more

Who is Jesus Christ to you?

By Joseph Yoo
I was once asked, Who is Jesus Christ to you? On one hand, it’s a simple question. On the other, it’s fairly complex. How one answers it really reflects how they… read more

After the Paris Climate Conference

By Mike Poteet
‘Truly a Historic Moment’ On December 12, the United Nations Conference on Climate Change (also called the 2015 Paris Climate Conference or COP21) concluded when… read more

God beyond gender

By Kira Schlesinger
While we know that our human capacity for language necessarily falls flat when describing and defining the divine, for most of Christian history that language has been almost… read more
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