Review: The Wesleyan Way of Salvation

By Eric Van Meter
When he first discovered the Wesleyan Way of Salvation, Scott Jones found a tradition that made sense of his faith and gave shape to his life. Thirty-five years later, his most… read more

6 Things We (Wrongly) Attribute to the Holy Spirit

By Shane Raynor
The Holy Spirit is arguably the least understood person of the Trinity. When I was a kid, the United Methodist church I grew up in held a series of Sunday night services where… read more

Review: CEB Study Bible

By Ken Edwards
I have to admit when I learned that a new translation of the Bible was in the works, I looked up at the shelf of Bibles I've accumulated over more than 30 years of ministry and… read more

Breath of God

By Raquel Mull
Psalm 119:33-40 Psalm 119, an alphabetical acrostic, praises Torah, God's law. It contains praises, laments, meditations, petitions, and assurances of God's presence. The 176… read more

It's that Time Again—Time to Plan for VBS!

By Tricia Brown
Christmas is over. The New Year is here, and believe it or not, it's time to start thinking about summer. Don't let the cold temps and snowflakes fool you; summer break will be… read more

Rested: A Day in the Retiree's Life

By Ed Zinkiewicz
Before my wife retired, she'd come home with tales of visiting with returning retirees. "So and so came for lunch today. Boy, did she look rested," was how she often referred to… read more

Top Five Reasons to Volunteer in the Children's Ministry

By Tricia Brown
Maybe you're a parent of young children, and you want a break. Maybe you're a senior citizen and feel as if you have already done your part. Perhaps you are a young adult and feel … read more

After Prison

By Rebekah Jordan Gienapp
Forging a New Path The number of men and women being released from prison has soared in recent decades, with approximately 1,700 people leaving prison each day, according to a… read more


By Michael W. Waters
Hospitality is always in season, and honey is a symbol of radical hospitality for me. The coming of spring brought with it the usual chorus of sneezes and coughs. The visual… read more

Isaiah 9:1-4

By Terrell M. McDaniel
Read Isaiah 9:1-4 Isaiah announces new possibilities for Israel as the formerly obscure possibilities emerge in the light of God. Isaiah notes a contrast between the former days… read more

Creativity and Faith

By Jill M. Johnson
Inspired Disciple or Bored Christian? It's easy to argue that in order to value the Christian tradition, one must also value creativity. In fact, to have faith is in itself an… read more

A Conversation with Michael Waters

By Janice Neely, Michael W. Waters
Explain the word Freestyle and how it fits the content of your book. Michael: In hip-hop culture, freestyle occurs when a rapper or MC performs spontaneous, unrehearsed lyrics… read more
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