The most revolutionary part of the 10 Commandments

By Rabbi Evan Moffic
With the passage of time, the extraordinary can become ordinary. The revolutionary can seem normal. Take trial by jury. When introduced in England, jury trial was a monumental… read more

If you're wanting more from your devotionals, try this

By Tom Fuerst
I want to propose a different Bible-reading practice that I think will challenge your devotional experiences in ways you never imagined. No, no, I don't have a trendy new… read more

Biblical witness, ethics and good romance novels: An interview with Celia Wolff

By Clifton Stringer
Recently I was able to visit with Celia Wolff about topics ranging from Christian faith to her scholarly work on the book of Acts to the goodness of reading (good) romance novels. … read more

Preventing domestic violence in our churches and world

By David Person
On October 12 in Huntsville, Ala., Heather Green was shot and killed by her estranged husband Jessie Green. Jessie then shot and killed himself. At the time of her death, they… read more

Oprah's ‘Belief’

By Adam Hamilton
Last month LaVon and I were invited to Montecito, California, to preview a seven-part television series produced by Oprah Winfrey called Belief. Following the preview we enjoyed… read more

Providing a refuge

By Samantha Tidball
This past September the body of a Syrian boy, Aylan Kurdi, was washed up on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. This horrific image put the Syrian refugee crisis into the global… read more

Earliest draft of the King James Bible discovered by New Jersey professor

By Lauren Markoe / Religion News Service
(RNS) For about a month after he returned from England last year, a Montclair State University professor did not realize what a treasure he had found in a rare books library at… read more

Worship for Kids: November 22, 2015

By Carolyn C. Brown
From a Child's Point of View Gospel: John 18:33-37. The Gospel lesson announces that Jesus is King, but a very different kind of king from most earthly kings. Many earthly kings… read more

How old Is God?

By Ross West
Revelation 1:4b-8 How old do you think God is? Is God a baby? a child? a teenager? a young adult? a senior adult? An old saying says there are no right answers to a wrong… read more

Should Christians pray for the dead?

By Shane Raynor
One of my favorite scenes from the Back to the Future film trilogy happens in the third installment when Doc Brown and Marty are trying to figure out a way to use a locomotive to… read more

Wesleyan witness: Three framing questions

By Dave Barnhart
United Methodists added the word “witness” to the membership vows in 2008. Members who join are asked to pledge to support the church with their “prayers… read more

How should Christians respond to atheists?

By Peter Surran
Defining atheism Atheism is on the rise in the United States. According to a 2012 Pew Research Center poll, 2.4 percent of Americans identified themselves as atheist. This was up … read more
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