Worship for Kids: December 21, 2014

By Carolyn C. Brown, Worship for Kids
From a Child's Point of View Today's texts focus on two of God's promises. David is given a promise which is kept when Mary is told about the birth of Jesus. Mary is given a… read more

Preacher Prep: Epiphany of the Lord

By Paul Scott Wilson
The following is an excerpt from the Abingdon Theological Companion to the Lectionary, available from cokesbury.com. THE LESSONS IN PRÉCIS Isaiah 60:1-6. This “Arise! … read more

Taste and see

By Jan Johnson
You probably know well the stories that surround the Christmas events. Maybe you love them or maybe you’re a little bored with them, but something makes you want to… read more

Pope Francis: The devil is real and don’t underestimate him

By Josephine McKenna / Religion News Service
VATICAN CITY (RNS) As millions of revelers around the world dress in ghoulish costumes to mark Halloween and the darker side of life, Pope Francis warned that the devil is no myth … read more

Why the Temple Mount matters

By Shane Raynor
Psalm 122:6 instructs us to “Pray that Jerusalem has peace.” Well, now would definitely be a good time to pray, because Jerusalem is currently at a boiling point. … read more

Does purgatory have a prayer with Protestants?

By David Gibson / Religion News Service
(RNS) This Sunday (Nov. 2), on what is known as All Souls’ Day, Roman Catholics around the world will be praying for loved ones who have died and for all those who have… read more

It's about time

By LinC (Living in Christ), Rose Taylor
The first Sunday in November marks the end of daylight-saving time and the return to standard time. “Spring forward” reverts to “fall back.” Reminders to… read more

Fighting sin through affirmation

By Tom Fuerst
The temptations Jesus endures in Matthew 4 are often set up as the exemplary account of how we Christians ought also to fight temptation. Christ, alone in the desert for forty… read more

How should Christians respond to ISIS?

By Peter Surran
Recent news reports have been filled with stories of horrific violence committed by a terrorist organization that calls itself the “Islamic State” but has been called… read more

Halloween and All Saints' Day

By Andrea Murdock
This week has two holidays: Halloween and All Saints’ Day. History and tradition tell us that these two holidays developed both separately and together. Celebrations of the… read more

A 17-year-old boy has been crucified

By Shane Raynor
Did you know that ISIS militants crucified a 17-year-old boy in Raqqa, Syria a few days ago? If you follow a number of news sources, you probably read about it online. Or you may… read more

Why Christians must be readers

By Randall Hardman
A few months ago a relative of mine was in the process of making a long distance move and had made a critical decision to sell off his library. He's a long-retired pastor and in… read more
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