Worship for Kids: October 22, 2017

By Carolyn C. Brown
From a Child's Point of View Old Testament: Exodus 33:12-23. As church children grow up, they absorb the biblical stories about God speaking to people, they sing and pray in… read more

Looking good from the inside out

By Samantha Tidball
Goodbye to sleeping in, warm summer nights and trips to the beach! Hello to school bells, homework, teachers and school dress codes! School is back in full swing, which means… read more

Will the world end on Saturday?

By Kimberly Winston / Religion News Service
(RNS) Short answer — no. But David Meade, a Christian and self-published author of end-of-the-world survival guides, predicts doomsday is near — very near, as in this… read more

Worship for Kids: October 15, 2017

By Carolyn C. Brown
From a Child's Point of View Old Testament: Exodus 32:1-14. Children today find it hard to believe that anyone would make and seriously worship a golden calf. If they are told… read more

Love In A Big World: The power of forgiveness

By Tamara Fyke
Confession: My name is Tamara. People have hurt me, and I have hurt people. We hurt each other with our words, attitudes, and actions — sometimes intentionally and sometimes … read more

Responding to the opioid crisis

By Jill M. Johnson
Opioids: A national emergency Before last year’s presidential election, the Pew Research Center surveyed potential voters on a variety of social issues. Unsurprisingly… read more

The storms of the century

By Tiffany Manning
For six days Hurricane Harvey wreaked havoc on the coastal region of Texas. This storm dumped trillions of gallons of rain and displaced thousands of residents as their homes were … read more

'The dogma lives loudly ...'

By David F. Watson
We’ve probably all heard by now about Senator Dianne Feinstein’s remarks toward Roman Catholic judicial nominee Amy Barrett: "Dogma and law are two different things. I … read more

We are all DREAMers

By Tamara Fyke
My hometown of Pittsburgh, PA is defined geographically by ethnic neighborhoods. There is Polish Hill, South Side, Squirrel Hill, Bloomfield, The Hill District and more. Between… read more

The art of dialogue

By Melissa Slocum
The events in Charlottesville, Virginia, on August 12th involving white nationalist marchers and counter protestors have given us another tragic reminder of the racial unrest in… read more

How should Christians approach gene editing?

By Dave Barnhart
Biological revolution For years, we’ve seen stories about gene splicing and genetically modified organisms. In the last decade, researchers have discovered ways to breed… read more

Love In A Big World: Tragedy and justice

By Tamara Fyke
The events of the past few weeks have rocked our nation. From Charlottesville to the Great American Eclipse to Hurricane Harvey, we have been riding a roller-coaster of… read more
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