Fearing our fears

By William H. Willimon
Speaking to his students at Liberty University earlier this year, President Jerry Falwell Jr. said, “It just blows my mind that the president of the United States”… read more

We begin today

By James C. Howell
Sunday. The Lord’s day. On the way to church, or right after, we were mortified by the news out of Orlando. Another mass killing. How many? We’ve lost count. The ache, … read more

On the worst mass shooting in American history

By David Gushee / Religion News Service
Just back from England, I return to the kind of massacre that is essentially inconceivable in that more placid, less gun-ridden land. 50 dead, 53 more injured — a horrific… read more

Uncontainable love

By Cláudio Carvalhaes
Cláudio Carvalhaes, Associate Professor of Homiletics and Worship at McCormick Theological Seminary, preaches a sermon called "Uncontainable Love" from  Luke … read more

Top 10 United Methodist Beliefs

By Shane Raynor, Don Adams
Shane Raynor and author Don Adams discuss what's distinctive about Methodist theology, including John Wesley's view of Scripture and his understanding of grace, repentance and… read more

Walking with Jesus

By William H. Willimon
Bishop William H. Willimon preaches a sermon called "Walking with Jesus" from Luke 7:11-17: the story of the raising of the widow of Nain's son. This sermon is from A Sermon for… read more

Worship for Kids: July 3, 2016

By Carolyn C. Brown
From a Child's Point of View Old Testament: 1 Kings 5:1-14. The story of Namaan's cure first attracts the attention of children because the heroine is a little girl. The fact that … read more

Worship for Kids: June 26, 2016

By Carolyn C. Brown
From a Child's Point of View Today's texts cluster around the theme of discipleship. Old Testament: 1 Kings 2:1-2, 6-14. This story can be told to compare Elisha's persistent… read more

When the Church notices children

By David Staal
Across this amazing country, a unique opportunity raises its hand and waves it back and forth in an effort to capture churches’ notice. In Aurora, Illinois, a principal and… read more

3 steps for a better marriage

By David Dorn
David Dorn shares three practical steps to take for a healthier marriage.  David Dorn is the Lead Contemporary Pastor for Marvin United Methodist Church in Tyler… read more


By Peter Surran
Tragedy in the news For several days this past April, the news media in Virginia covered the disappearance of a Fairfax County firefighter, Nicole Mittendorf. After extensive… read more

Art of the Sermon: Speaking human - Dr. Brian Russell

By Dan Wunderlich
Thanks for checking out this episode of Art of the Sermon! Be sure to subscribe through iTunes, Google Play Music, or your favorite podcast app. If you enjoy this episode, leave a … read more
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