Aggressive driving and road rage

By Jim Hawkins
In the news In February of last year, Tammy Meyers of Las Vegas was giving her 15-year-old daughter a driving lesson. The teenager noticed that a nearby car was speeding, so she… read more

Human sexuality and global Christianity

By Shane Raynor
I spent a portion of my morning today in the United Methodist General Conference press room watching the plenary session dealing with the controversial Rule 44. Rule 44 was… read more

Being an example

By J. Clif Christopher
While in the Army, I noticed that one of the things soldiers always looked for was what example the commander was setting. They knew what the standard was on paper. They knew what … read more

Feeling holy?

By Melissa Spoelstra
Holy means “set apart.” It is a word used of God’s character. He is not like us, special, perfect. Yet the crazy thing is that God calls those who choose to… read more

News & Religion: Should Christians resist Donald Trump?

By Shane Raynor
In this first episode of News and Religion, I talk with ethicist David Gushee of Mercer University about the statement he helped draft that confesses resistance to presidential… read more

The Bible, homosexuality and the UMC — Part one

By Adam Hamilton
Next month in Portland, Oregon, 800 United Methodists, delegates from around the world, will gather for the United Methodist Church’s General Conference. At this ten-day… read more

One person

By Joseph Yoo
There is a dark history between Korea and Japan. My grandparents’ generation still tends to be distrusting towards the Japanese. Much of it stems from Japan's imperial rule… read more

Opioid painkillers: Responding to a growing problem

By Alex Joyner
A head-scratching Super Bowl ad Of all the buzz-worthy Super Bowl advertisements this year, one left a lot of people scratching their heads and also stepped into controversy by… read more

Thoughtful Pastor: Inerrancy and relativism

By Christy Thomas
Dear Thoughtful Pastor: In 1978, around 300 evangelical leaders assembled to write and adopt the Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy. I believe this gathering in defense of… read more

Faith in the unseen

By Samantha Tidball
For those who were upset about the demotion of Pluto to a dwarf planet, there is hope for a ninth planet in our solar system after all! Astronomers Mike Brown and Konstantin… read more

Servant Paul, not Apostle Paul

By Tom Fuerst
I’ve been studying Philippians recently, both because I continue to find myself attracted to the book for my own edification and because I intend to preach through it this… read more

From Bible study to movement

By Talbot Davis
Like most pastors these days, I like to preach my messages in series. I have found that thinking “serially” harnesses my mind’s creative bent and I have… read more
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