Advent calendars

By Quinn G. Caldwell
Advent calendars: They dole Christmas out glimpse by glimpse. They build up the picture or the story in slow, random-seeming increments they don’t go all the way in one… read more

Observing Advent

By Jim Hawkins
Holiday frenzy Are you busy? My hunch is you are busier now, in early December, than you are most of the year. Shopping malls and e-retailer websites are busy with people… read more

The brightest future of all

By LinC (Living in Christ), Mike Poteet
Disney’s latest animated hit, “Big Hero 6,” tells the story of fourteen-year-old robotics genius Hiro Hamada. Hiro builds “bots” used for illegal… read more

5 ideas to make the most of Advent

By Billy Doidge Kilgore
There are more reasons to take Advent seriously than there are decorative lights on your Christmas tree. Advent is often overlooked as a pre-game warmup for Christmas, which is… read more

Christian. Breadwinner. Wife.

By Lindsey Foster Stringer
Near the end of Rev. Adam Hamilton’s book “Revival,” he brings up Wesley’s sermon “The Use of Money” which has three seemingly simple rules:… read more

Creedal faith

By David F. Watson, William J. Abraham
Imagine you went to the doctor and the doctor walked into your room and said, “I’ve got good news and I’ve got bad news.” “Okay,” you respond… read more

Why the post-racial label only perpetuates racism

By Hussein Rashid / Religion News Service
(RNS) The shooting of Michael Brown and the failure of a grand jury to indict the shooter, Darren Wilson, are symptoms of a wider malaise. It is part of a deep-seated illness that … read more

Theological studies are for everyone

By Justo L. González
For most of us, theological studies are a preparation for the ordained ministry, much as medical studies are a preparation for the practice of medicine. For this reason, many of… read more

Understanding biblical colorblindness

By Dave Barnhart
“Go, you swift messengers, to a nation tall and smooth…” (Isaiah 18:2) When I’ve taught Isaiah’s oracle concerning the Ethiopian Empire in college… read more

Can a nation so wounded by its divisions survive?

By Tom Ehrich / Religion News Service
(RNS) For those of a certain age, Thanksgiving week will always be the week President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas. In the same way, Sept. 11 will be the day… read more

Think like a Wesleyan

By William H. Willimon
“I believe that . . .” “I have faith in . . .” What we believe is what we trust—what we know to be a truthful account of reality. Critical reflection … read more

Disgrace and grace: Our response to the Ferguson grand jury decision

By F. Willis Johnson
“We worship God through our questions.” -Abraham Joshua Heschel In the wake of a St. Louis County grand jury’s decision related to the fatal shooting of Michael… read more
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