Selfish Motivation

By Whitney Simpson
Robert Greenleaf, in his book, Servant Leadership, tells of twelve ministers and twelve psychiatrists of all faiths who convened for a two-day off-the-record seminar on the word… read more

Summer Program Lets Kids Be Kids

By Sherrie Ilg
SPRINT (St. Paul's Reaching Into Neighborhoods Together) began in 1995 as a brainstorm of two members and a pastor attending "FORUM," a national United Methodist Youth Ministry… read more

Review: Pursuing Justice

By Patricia Farris
Son of a Dutch immigrant father, Ken Wystma left behind the faith of his childhood upbringing, going so far as what he labels a destructive lifestyle into his college years that… read more

Abraham Lincoln and Christianity

By Clay Morgan
Did Abraham Lincoln devote his life to Christ during his famous trip to Gettysburg? Clay talks about that and a letter he once read from private archives tucked away in the attic… read more

Discipleship and Marriage

By David Lowes Watson
It is to peace that God has called you. Wife, for all you know, you might save your husband. Husband, for all you know, you might save your wife. 1 Corinthians 7:15, 16 (NRSV)… read more

Review: Joy Together

By Patricia Farris
Lynne Baab, pastor, professor, and author, is a familiar friend to those engaged in practices of spiritual formation. Her latest book, Joy Together: Spiritual Practices for Your… read more

God Said It . . . And that Unsettles It

By Ronnie McBrayer
God said it, I believe it, and that settles it." This slogan is one of today's all too common bumper sticker defenses of the Bible. The phrase is sometimes amended to read, "God… read more

Restorative Justice

By Erik Alsgaard
A First Step Josh Brent, a football player for the Dallas Cowboys, was driving drunk in the early morning hours of Saturday, December 8, 2012. He was speeding, hit a curb, and the … read more

Extra Questions: Our Common Sins

By Ministry Matters
1. Denial Mark 14:27-31, 66-72 Would you describe Peter's assertion in Mark 14:29 as arrogant, over-confident, or both? What other words describe what he said about the other… read more

Extra Questions: Women of the Bible

By Ministry Matters
1. Deborah Judges 4:1-24 Author James Harnish writes that the story of Deborah is the kind of story that causes many thoughtful people to reject the Old Testament. Why do you… read more

Deborah, Barak, and Jael

By Ministry Matters
Someone altogether unfamiliar with the Bible, reading the gospels of Matthew and John, would soon realize that two writers are telling the same story in a different way. in the… read more

4 Names: Mary Magdalene, Philip, Lazarus, and Peter

By Adam Thomas
If you've ever been to a Bible study that I've led, then you know that I have a lot of favorite scenes in the Gospel according to John. But John 20:1-18 is easily in the top… read more
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