Making Magic

By Tricia Brown
Frogs croaked as the rain splashed into the garden pond. Shadows from the paper lanterns danced across the floor as the wind blew a gentle but chilly breeze into the gazebo. The… read more

Banishing the Boogeyman

By Tricia Brown
Shadows can a be dangerous thing in the mind of a child. When I was a little girl, my room was a pleasant place where I loved to read and play with my dolls—until my mother… read more

Evangelism (Converge Episode 8)

By Shane Raynor
Has evangelism become a dirty word? How do we reach the masses for Christ in a world where the audience is becoming increasingly fragmented? Clifton Stringer and Eric Van Meter… read more

The Student Debt Crisis

By Jim Hawkins
A Growing Burden Student loans are supposed to make getting a higher education easier, but too much debt can be a crushing burden. "It's like carrying a big backpack filled with… read more

My Labyrinth Journey

By John W. Rhodes
Whenever I teach about labyrinths at some point someone asks the question, "John, how did you become involved with labyrinths?" I always respond, "It's my wife's fault." This… read more

Finding Balance in a World of Extremes

By Kimberly Dunnam Reisman
Do you ever feel that your life is...losing [a] sense of balance? Would you like to discover a calm center from which to handle the distracting forces of life that seek to move… read more

Shark Week: Why We Buy into Unreal Reality

By David Dorn
I just finished watching the first night of Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. The programing the first night was designed to grab people's attention at the beginning of a… read more


By Scott Bullard
Luke 15:1-10 Luke 15 is recognized for "lost things." In our passage for today, we see two parables—one about a lost sheep and one about a lost coin. These precede a third… read more

Living the Good News (curriculum)

By Dirk deVries
Have you been looking for a way to link readings used in worship with what is studied in your education program? Living the Good News is an online lectionary-based Christian… read more

Practical Repentance

By Ronnie McBrayer
In 1938 three German scientists working in a laboratory in Berlin made a discovery that altered the course of history: They split the uranium atom. The fear among scientists was… read more

Jesus Joy

By Felicia Hopkins
When have you done something that could only be described as Christ in you?How does your church encourage people to go and serve? excerpt from:session 6 Transform Yourself and the … read more

Worship for Kids: September 8, 2013

By Carolyn C. Brown
From a Child's Point of View Old Testament: Jeremiah 18:1-11. This passage presents an image that is both familiar and challenging for children. Though they may not have seen a… read more
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