Knowing Who You Are in Christ

By Shane Raynor
I've come to the conclusion that many of the issues and problems we face as Christians are preventable (or at least more easily solved) if we understand who we are as believers… read more

Are You a Hypocrite?

By David Dorn
Are you what Jesus defines as a hypocrite? You may be surprised by the answer when you introspect. Now there is a difference between acts of hypocrisy and being a hypocrite… read more

Telling the Story

By Mike Poteet
Does the Good Book make for good television? Millions of Americans seemed to think so (as many as 4 in 10, in fact) when History Channel aired its five-week miniseries, The Bible, … read more

Naming Our Idols

By Mike Slaughter
Chances are when you hear the word idol, the first thing that comes to mind is Ryan Seacrest, or possibly a shiny gold statue of a calf. Idolatry isn’t a new problem, but it … read more

Too Old for Ordination?

By Shane Raynor
The bigger question is not if it's okay to discourage people over 45 from going through the ordination process, but rather, why aren't we discouraging everyone from going through… read more

Two Wild Turkeys and Trust

By Kasey Hitt
At a recent silent retreat I sat with eyes transfixed on two wild turkeys. A female was grazing along the edge of the wood without a care or glance in my direction while the male… read more

Why Is Jackie Robinson Important?

By Clay Morgan
The movie 42 tells the story of Jackie Robinson and Branch Rickey of the Brooklyn Dodgers who teamed up to integrate Major League Baseball in 1947. Until that time only white… read more

A Methodist and a Muslim Burial

By Shane Raynor
A United Methodist woman in Virginia has placed herself in the middle of a controversy involving the burial of Boston bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev. Martha Mullen seems to be… read more

Praying Jesus' Prayer

By Ben Simpson
"Pray like this..." Matthew 6:9a For a year during my twenties I worked as a barista at a well­ known coffee shop. Before I began working, I knew little about coffee and even… read more

Rethinking "Family Friendly"

By Melissa Meyers
A few years ago, I went to a movie with some friends. I got to pick the movie and I chose The Boy in the Striped Pajamas because I heard a review that said it was "family… read more

Renewed Through Spiritual Self-Care

By Lucille Zimmerman
Spirituality and well-being Being spiritual is not about self-sacrifice. It's about self-care and paying attention to your inner pilot light. If you've ever made a quiet time part … read more

Preparing the Way: Practices for Cultivating Faith in the Home

By Mary Jane Pierce Norton
Meals in our home begin with this question, "Whose turn is it?" The privilege of offering the prayer before each meal rotates from one family member to another. This tradition in… read more
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