Renewed Through Spiritual Self-Care

By Lucille Zimmerman
Spirituality and well-being Being spiritual is not about self-sacrifice. It's about self-care and paying attention to your inner pilot light. If you've ever made a quiet time part … read more

Preparing the Way: Practices for Cultivating Faith in the Home

By Mary Jane Pierce Norton
Meals in our home begin with this question, "Whose turn is it?" The privilege of offering the prayer before each meal rotates from one family member to another. This tradition in… read more

Distilling Stillness

By Kirk Byron Jones
Why Stillness Makes Me Weep I am used to it now: crying during my morning times of stillness. It doesn't happen all the time; when it does I just let the tears come. Why do I cry? … read more

John Wesley and Christian Orthodoxy

By Laurence Wood
Dr. Laurence Wood discusses whether or not orthodoxy was important to John Wesley and what this consisted of for him. Source: Seedbed @ Asbury Theological Seminary read more

Mary Magdalene (Converge Episode 3)

By Shane Raynor
Was Mary Magdalene really a prostitute or does she owe her bad reputation to a 6th century Pope? Was she the first apostle? Jessica Kelley, Curtis Zackery, and Eric Van Meter join … read more

Loss and Change in Rural America

By Alex Joyner
Fluttering in the Wind Mary Lucier wants you to feel life on the Great Plains. In her mixed-media art installation entitled Plains of Sweet Regret, she uses five screens in a… read more

Call No One Profane (Acts 11:1-18)

By Douglas E. Wingeier
In Acts 10–11, Luke introduces Cornelius as a pious Gentile centurion who had a vision from God telling him to send for Peter who could offer a message that would save him… read more

Tending Our Spiritual Gardens

By Andrea Murdock
Spring is in the air! Finally, after what felt like an extended winter in much of the country, temperatures are warming up, ground is thawing, and trees are budding. This means… read more


By Jonathan Martin
"Jonathan presents riveting truth about our identity in Christ in a way that honestly grapples with the intrinsic tensions and mind-boggling implications of the gospel. And he… read more

Let's Not Overlook the Ascension

By Josh Tinley
Thursday May 9 is the Feast of the Ascension, at least in the West. (Eastern Orthodox Christians will celebrate it on June 13). It is the fortieth day after Easter and the day on… read more

Letting Go of Pain, Holding On to Faith

By L. Lawrence Brandon
I want to invite you on a journey of faith, one that reveals the love of God and how He can help you overcome private pain. What is private pain? It is severe emotional and mental … read more

When Church and Family Finances Conflict

By Bromleigh McCleneghan
In early February, my husband and I prepared to visit the Taxman, spending a lunch hour gathering W-2s and mortgage statements and all the other official documents we had spent… read more
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