Recruiting and Keeping Teachers

By Ruth E. Wilhite
Recruiting is the most common word for inviting people to teach. Keeping teachers is more than holding on to them. Find ideas here for inviting, nurturing, and offering training… read more

A Higher Standard for Membership

By Carolyn Slaughter
In the spring of 1979, my husband Michael and I landed in a small church beside a county road in Ginghamsburg, Ohio. Coming from a "country club" church on the east side of… read more

Reconciled Relationships

By Lisa Toney
We are to forgive others for the ways they have wronged us. Sometimes doing this is exhausting and difficult. When a disciple asked Jesus if he should forgive someone up to seven… read more

Prayers for Back-to-School

By Ministry Matters
Pray for kids, teachers, and parents as they head back to school with these prayers from Prayers for Holy Days, available with a subscription to the Ministry Matters Premium… read more

Geocaching for Tweens

By Glenys Nellist
The chances are that even if you have never heard of geocaching, your tweens will have. Geocaching is a fascinating, fun phenomenon that is growing in popularity. A free… read more

The Nudge

By Whitney Simpson
Ever get the nudge to do something or say something? You have felt it. Maybe it's the nudge to grab your umbrella as you walk out the door even though there is not a cloud in the… read more

Kimberly MacNeill: Persistent Pursuit

By Betsy Hall
Kimberly MacNeill is a regular contributor to Ministry Matters. She writes about worship and spiritual formation with a passion for teaching others about the love of Jesus Christ. … read more

Worship for Kids: September 1, 2013

By Carolyn C. Brown
From a Child's Point of View Old Testament: Jeremiah 2:4-13. To understand Jeremiah's accusation, children need to be briefly reminded of the Exodus history, and they need help… read more

They Aren’t Fish: Water Safety for Children

By Tricia Brown
Summer is in full swing, and with it comes water fun. Most children are drawn to the water on a hot day like ants are drawn to a picnic. Water balloons, water guns, sprinklers… read more

Seeing the Beauty in Change: From Caterpillar to Butterfly

By Tricia Brown
If nothing ever changed, there'd be no butterflies. -Author Unknown Three years ago my family and I moved from one part of our town to another, from a smaller house to a much… read more

Denial (Converge Episode 7)

By Shane Raynor
Should Peter have figured out where things were headed after the first rooster crowed? Jessica LaGrone and David Dorn join Shane Raynor to discuss Mark 14 and Peter's denial of… read more

Q&A with Mike Slaughter, author of shiny gods

By Brenda Smotherman
How much is enough? In a culture guided by shiny, life-promising distractions, "enough" seems elusive and keeps us chasing the next quick fix. What if the Giver of Life offered… read more
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