How Old Is God?

By Ross West
Revelation 1:4b-8 How old do you think God is? Is God a baby? a child? a teenager? a young adult? a senior adult? An old saying says there are no right answers to a wrong… read more

Some Fears Aren't All They're Cracked Up to Be

By Ronnie McBrayer
In August of 1871 a man sent a letter to his wife claiming that he had been swindled by employees of the Wells Fargo Company and vowed to pay them back. So, he began robbing their … read more

Time Out for Grown Ups

By Betsy Hall
Why do we waste time out on kids? Why can't I have a time out? I would love to be sent to my room—to sit quietly for 20 minutes. If you think about it, there's a spiritual… read more

When Your Blessings Become Burdens

By Tricia Brown
Have you ever found yourself complaining about something that you know you shouldn't? Perhaps you are griping that you have to do dishes, when you know that you should be thankful … read more

When Parents and Teachers Disagree

By Tricia Brown
John and his family had been part of the church for a few years. He and his wife were relatively content with their spiritual home, but their preteen son Austin was not. In fact… read more

Boat Time with Jesus

By Kasey Hitt
This guided prayer written by Kasey Hitt, will last approximately 10 minutes. During the first 4 minutes Kasey will walk you through a series of instructions or questions… read more

Does the Church Care about Boys?

By Tim Wright
Boys are 60% more likely to be held back in kindergarten than girls. Does the church care? For every 100 girls suspended from elementary and secondary school, 250 boys are… read more

Standard-Bearers for Christ

By Randy Horick
Political season is now upon us. Though the major presidential candidates have been campaigning already for more than a year, the parties' nominating conventions marked the… read more

Recovering Scripture Memorization

By O.S. Hawkins
Biblical literacy and Bible study aren't where they need to be. You can turn it around. The results are not encouraging for church leaders: Only about two-thirds of Christians… read more

What's Your Next Step? A Hard Path to a Better Place

By Kimberly Dunnam Reisman
I'm an Independent, not registered with any political party; although neither the Democrats nor the Republicans seem to know that based on the literature and surveys they send me… read more

Talking Politics in Church: What's Legal?

By Joey Butler
Dos and Don'ts in an election season Churches and religious organizations in the United States qualify for exemption from federal income tax, and are generally eligible to receive … read more

Invitation is Everyone's Job

By Jessica Miller Kelley
In a recent article on increasing your worship attendance, I distilled five major tips from a list of fifty great tips by Bob Crossman. Those five things, however, involve… read more
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