Turning the Other Cheek (and the American Justice System)

By Katie Z. Dawson
Yesterday, the Tuesday morning small group at my church had an interesting conversation. Is it possible or practical to follow the commands of Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount in… read more

The Lowliness of God

By Jan Johnson
What picture comes to mind when you hear this phrase: a homeless refugee with a price on his head? That description fits the baby Jesus held tightly by his parents fleeing in the… read more

Review: Holy Nomad

By Eric Van Meter
Matt Litton has not arrived yet, and likely never will. That's because arrival means coming to a stop, finding a static place. With Holy Nomad (Abingdon, Sept. 2012), however… read more

Review: The Christian World of The Hobbit

By Eric Van Meter
J.R.R. Tolkien's beloved Middle Earth is famously devoid of religious practice. Nonetheless, the world of The Hobbit is—by the author's intention—a decidedly Christian … read more

Samson: The Weak Side of the Strong Man

By Joshua Young
We all know the basic story of Samson and Delilah from Judges 13-16. We all know that eventually long-haired Samson tells her the secret to his strength and she hands him over the … read more

Guilt or Grace?

By Tim Gossett
Pizza, soft drinks and cheese doodles. Throw in some crazy activities and you have the perfect ingredients for a youth night. But youth are very perceptive, and they will pick up… read more

No Bullies Allowed

By Tricia Brown
"Be kind, compassionate, and forgiving to each other, in the same way God forgave you in Christ." Ephesians 4:32 By now most of us have seen the viral video of 68-year-old school… read more

Who Are We Together?

By Rueben P. Job
I grew up on a farm in central North Dakota, and my earliest memories are of planting and harvesting our crops with horse-drawn implements before we or our neighbors had tractors. … read more

Children Need to Move!

By Daphna Flegal
How can I help my children remember Bible verses? By using the hand motions of American Sign Language! Children learn in a variety of ways. Some children prefer to learn through… read more

Why I Do What I Do

By Cindy Klick
The church was large by small-town standards. The red wooden chairs were tiny, crowded around a stained table in the basement. In that cozy space, Paulette relayed Bible stories… read more

Review: Die Young

By Eric Van Meter
Dying young is not tragedy. In fact, it's the only way to live. This sentiment, drawn from Matthew 10:39, is the guiding premise in a book full of paradoxes. In Die Young: Burying … read more

Review: Connecting Christ

By Patricia Farris
Before offering my review of Paul Louis Metzger's Connecting Christ: How to Discuss Jesus in a World of Diverse Paths (Thomas Nelson, 2012), I want to begin with a disclosure. I… read more
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