Preaching on Sin

By Jessica Miller Kelley
One Sunday in high school, my best friend took me to her Fundamental Baptist church. All I knew before going was that the denomination was more conservative than the SBC and that… read more

Sometimes People Don't Want to Learn

By Ron Edmondson
You can't teach someone who doesn't want to learn. It is true. Perhaps you've tried. I've been worn out trying to teach principles I know someone needs to learn…everyone… read more

"Why Are They Laughing?"

By Sarah McGiverin
The older children had been asked by the stewardship committee to speak to the congregation for one minute or so each on their favorite things about coming to church. Among the… read more

Preparing Our Hearts

By Patricia D. Brown
Elizabeth Delany, along with her sister Sarah, lived well past 100 years. These two sages, born the daughters of the first elected Black Episcopal bishop, were distinguished… read more

Change Ahead!

By Tricia Brown
Learning from the Life of Moses The only thing consistent in life is change. Some people live for change. Other people dread it. Regardless of how we feel about it, it's… read more

Now You See It...

By Neal Bowes
A few weeks ago, a middle school band director in Colleyville, Texas, was named teacher of the year at his school. A few days later he was arrested and admitted to exchanging… read more

One-Eared Mickey Mouse

By Felicia Fox
I have been in youth ministry for over twelve years. In college I was introduced to the One-Eared Mickey Mouse Model of youth ministry. I ran into it again while earning my… read more

Heroic Rite of Passage for Boys

By Jessica Miller Kelley
Discussions of "Christian manhood" these days bring to mind controversial comments from church leaders, like Mark Driscoll's descriptions of Jesus as an Ultimate Fighting Champion … read more

Mercy, Not Sacrifice

By Morgan Guyton
"Go and find out what this means: 'I desire mercy not sacrifice'" (Matthew 9:13). There is not an exhortation in the whole of scripture that needs more desperately to be pondered… read more

From Fast Food to Gourmet

By Tricia Brown
The Value of Spiritual Disciplines Somehow, in today's grab-it-and-go society, we have developed a similar attitude with spirituality. We think we can pull up to the church… read more

Accounting for Accountability

By Melissa Slocum
In the last six months a perfect storm has been brewing in European countries, but it has nothing to do with the weather. Instead it involves the European currency, the Euro, huge … read more

Weaving Together Work and Faith

By Bobbie Henley
A Meditation on Mark 10:35-44 Work. Job. Career. At some point in our lives, most of us will have a job. We may even have a profession that we work in for decades. We may become… read more
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