Try Something New for Advent

By Ministry Matters
Before we know it, the air will be turning cool, leaves will fall, the Thanksgiving turkeys will go on sale, and the twelfth month of people's calendars will start filling up with … read more

There Don’t Have to be More Auroras

By Robert A. Ratcliff
The recent horrific shooting in an Aurora, Colorado movie theater so fills us with anger and revulsion that our attempts to describe, much less understand, the event seem destined … read more

Creating an Advent Devotional for Home

By Joellyn Webster Tuttle
An Advent devotional booklet can encourage families and individuals to take time at home to remember what Christ's birth means. What we believe and what we do can come together in … read more

5 Outreach Ideas for Advent

By Shane Raynor
For the Western secular world, the Christmas season starts right after the Thanksgiving Day meal and ends on Christmas Day. Then we set our sights on the New Year. But that's not… read more

Helping People Spend Wisely

By Jessica Miller Kelley
Christmas is a half-trillion dollar industry in the United States. Gifts, decorations, big meals, travel, cards, shipping. . . all this merriment comes with a hefty price tag, if… read more

Worship for Kids: October 14, 2012

By Carolyn C. Brown
From a Child's Point of View Old Testament: Job 23:1-9, 16-17. As children learn to accept responsibility for their actions and for the results of their actions, they often… read more

Jesus' Birthday Wish List

By Kevin Alton
What do you get for somebody who has everything? Choosing Christmas gifts is one of the most torturous social exercises known to humankind. It's our own fault that it has become… read more

Modeling Mary: Switching Agendas with God

By John Burns
Mary of Nazareth must have been very excited about her immediate plans. She was engaged to marry Joseph, a good man from a great family. Surely her mind was filled with wedding… read more

A Different Kind of Christmas

By Mike Slaughter
This video is a preview of the DVD study sessions from Mike Slaughter's A Different Kind of Christmas, a five-session study for Advent based on the book, Christmas is Not Your… read more

Mobiya Dibango

By Elizabeth Geitz
Fourteen-year-old Mobiya has endured what no child should have to endure. His life has been one of tragic loss and hardship. Yet self-pity is not part of his makeup. An excellent… read more

Advent Traditions to Try

By Josh Tinley
Christians today have a tendency to get into the Christmas spirit a little earlier than we probably should. Retailers in the United States more than a century ago decided that the … read more

10 Life-Charged Words

By Derek Maul
OK, guys. Gather round close. Let me have a word in your ear. I have a message from God. Ready? God wants to know: "Are you in or are you out?" "What kind of a question is that?"… read more
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