Eyes on Israel

By Shane Raynor
Last week, Kim Kardashian found out just how fired up people can get when someone dares to bring up the subject of Israel. On Friday, she tweeted to her 16+ million followers… read more

The Search for Spark

By Todd Outcalt
Over the years I've led many search and interview committees in youth ministry. And earlier in my life, I was often on the receiving end of those same interviews—nervously… read more

Do Not Judge

By David Dorn
Christ followers are not to be the morality police, citing people for their wrongs, but instead be beckons of light for people caught in darkness. Jesus never condoned people's… read more

Rob Bell and a New American Christianity

By James K. Wellman, Jr.
The face of American Christianity is in transition, and Rob Bell, with his evolving look and artistry, has opened a window on this hybrid horizon. Known to many for his Nooma… read more

Is Intellect a Liability in Ministry?

By Christopher P. Momany
Some years ago I served on a regional credentialing board of my denomination. Our primary task was interviewing candidates for ordained ministry, and I actually had the audacity… read more

Advent Apocalypse

By Shane Raynor
Advent is one of my favorite times on the church calendar. But when I was growing up, it was little more than the Christmas pre-season, a countdown to the birth of Jesus... and… read more

Evaluating Worship (with printable worksheet)

By Jessica Miller Kelley
"I wish worship here could be more spiritual," she said. The woman clearly had an opinion about worship at her home church. She knew something felt different when she worshiped… read more

A Mysterious God, a Tangible Christ

By Robert A. Ratcliff
As Advent draws near, we spend a lot of time thinking, teaching, and preaching about the great Christian doctrine of the Incarnation. In Christ, God comes to us, becomes one of… read more

How to Read the Bible

By David Dorn
One of the biggest reasons people don't read their Bible is because they don't how to go about doing it. So we wanted to take an episode and address how to read the Bible in a… read more

Tending to Seeds and Soil

By Kasey Hitt
Silent retreat days allow space to consider what's going on "under our surface" and give us time to tend to the seeds God has planted in the soil of our hearts. The following is a … read more

Fill-in Teacher Now Can't Be Dragged Away

By Boyce Bowdon
The junior high Sunday school teacher was going to be away, so the youth director asked John if he would fill in the next Sunday. "Sure, no problem," John replied. "I'll be glad… read more

Live on Common Ground

By Common English Bible
Live on Common Ground from Common English Bible on Vimeo. read more
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