Power to Live Up to Our Name

By J. Ellsworth Kalas
Several years ago an older woman said, "I'd like to call myself a Christian, but I don't really feel I'm good enough." I tried to explain that, theologically speaking, goodness… read more

4 Keys to Mentoring

By Ron Edmondson
I am a fan of the term mentoring. I have been and had a mentor for over 25 years and can honestly say mentors have helped make my life better. One question about mentoring I am… read more

The Sabbath Effect

By Rebekah Simon-Peter
Jonathan Ormes, retired NASA scientist, and I made plans to meet while I was on my way to lead a women's retreat on the topic of sabbath and the environment. I wanted to talk with … read more

A Very Mixed Bunch

By David Lowes Watson
One glance at the average congregation on a Sunday morning makes clear that Christians are a very mixed bunch. Without the grace of Christ to bring us together each week, few of… read more

Leading Grief Ministries

By Julie Yarbrough
Three months after my husband died in 2004, I was desperate for an outlet to express my grief beyond the walled-in safety of my journal. For years a neighborhood church advertised … read more

It's Jesus, Stupid: Getting the Trinity Right

By Robert A. Ratcliff
O.k. you preachers, gut-check time. Lift your hand if you're not planning to preach on the Trinity this Trinity Sunday. O.k., now lift 'em if you didn't know that Trinity Sunday… read more

The Mind of Christ (Philippians 2:1-11)

By Jerry L. Mercer
Purpose of the Session The purpose of this lesson is to help us see how seeking to understand the mind of Christ can bring unity among God's people. Bible Background Philippians… read more

Meditating on the Run

By Jan Johnson
I used to feel impatient when I stood in line at the grocery store or waited to get off a plane. On good days, I zoned out. On bad days, I wondered why the people in the front of… read more

The Beauty of Boundaries

By Tricia Brown
There's nothing like getting dragged out of bed at 7am in the morning to run barefoot through the yard chasing two rambunctious puppies. Just ask my nine-year-old son. That's what … read more

Preaching on Parenting

By Dave Stone
Feeling a little unqualified to preach on parenting? Take heart. Jesus did it and so can you. Once there was a preacher who had no children, who preached a series of sermons… read more

Animal Sacrifice and Christ's Resurrection

By Clifton Stringer, Lindsey Foster Stringer
Christian Reflections on Killing and Eating (or Not) Our dear friend Barry, who went to seminary with Clifton, sometimes prayed like this before church function meals. "We give… read more

Grief is Ministry

By Julie Yarbrough
When my husband, Leighton Farrell, was in ministry, I saw first-hand the power of spiritual leadership when he visited those who were sick and dying and later comforted those who… read more
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