1. From Fast Food to Gourmet

    Article From Fast Food to Gourmet

    The Value of Spiritual Disciplines Somehow, in today’s grab-it-and-go society, we have developed a similar attitude with spirituality. We think we can pull up to the church …

  2. Weaving Together Work and Faith

    Article Weaving Together Work and Faith

    A Meditation on Mark 10:35-44 Work. Job. Career. At some point in our lives, most of us will have a job. We may even have a profession that we work in for decades. We may become…

  3. Stewards of God's Children

    Article Stewards of God's Children

    A Sermon on Genesis 22:1-18 and Matthew 25:14-27 Our younger daughter Claire’s middle name is “Moriah.” Not Mariah (with an A) like Mariah Carey, but Moriah…

  4. Dad's Relational Toolkit

    Article Dad's Relational Toolkit

    Like any skilled workman, a father needs a strong set of reliable tools to help him complete his job. As men we like to take action. However, to be good dads, we also need the…

  5. Campus Ministry on Move-In Day and Beyond

    Article Campus Ministry on Move-In Day and Beyond

    Every August, hundreds of incoming freshman girls and their families arrive on the University of Alabama campus for move-in day at Tutwiler Hall. With the sweltering Tuscaloosa…

  6. Playing Church

    Article Playing Church

    Do you remember playing school as a child? You would rig up a desk, grab a chalk board if one was handy, gather some paper and a pencil and declare who would be the teacher and…

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