1. Overseeing Adult Ministry

    Article Overseeing Adult Ministry

    Small groups are an excellent way to preserve intimacy as a church grows, but there are often growing pains associated with new groups and new group members. Change always creates …

  2. Living Abundantly

    Article Living Abundantly

    For months many teenage fans of Suzanne Collins’s popular young adult novel trilogy The Hunger Games have had March 23 circled on their calendars. That is the day when The…

  3. Politics and Faith

    Article Politics and Faith

    Young people may not have a vote just yet, but they can surely have a voice. Youth ministry professor and popular speaker Kenda Creasy Dean tells us that youth today are more…

  4. Comic Bible Brings God's Word to Life

    Article Comic Bible Brings God's Word to Life

    Sergio Cariello has illustrated some of the best-known comic book characters, from Batman and Spiderman to Superman and Wonderwoman. With The Action Bible, he brings to life the…

  5. 4 Principles from Esther

    Article 4 Principles from Esther

    I love the story of Esther. If you haven’t read it lately, you can do so here. Here are four principles I’ve observed from the story of Esther. 1. God has a special…

  6. Be Like a Dandelion (Matthew 5:13-16)

    Article Be Like a Dandelion (Matthew 5:13-16)

    Object: Dandelions or a picture of dandelionsScripture: Matthew 5:13-16Theme: Christians Can "Pop Up" Like DandelionsWhere I live, we are beginning to see signs of springtime…

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