1. The Web and the Church

    Article The Web and the Church

    One Day With the Web It’s snowing in Philadelphia this morning. Will the kids have school? I boot up our PC to check a local news website. No snow day for them, but can I…

  2. If the Internet Isn't Killing Religion, What Is?

    Article If the Internet Isn't Killing Religion, What Is?

    (RNS) A smart professor in Massachusetts noticed recently that religion’s decline in America coincided with the rise of the Internet. He theorized that the two may be…

  3. My Road to Accountability

    Article My Road to Accountability

    My own experience with accountability started in my teenage years, the summer after my sophomore year in high school, when my youth pastor, Tom, sought me out and asked me if I…

  4. Rethinking "Family Friendly"

    Article Rethinking "Family Friendly"

    A few years ago, I went to a movie with some friends.  I got to pick the movie and I chose The Boy in the Striped Pajamas because I heard a review that said it was…

  5. Social Media and Perceived Intimacy

    Article Social Media and Perceived Intimacy

    In 1963, anthropologist Edward T. Hall coined the concept of proxemics. The concept says (my paraphrase); What we intend to communicate and how messages are received are affected…

  6. Speaking of Dying

    Article Speaking of Dying

    Why can we not talk honestly and openly about dying, in our churches and in the surrounding world? The preeminence of medical science and advanced technology, which have led to…

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