1. Academic Freedom Laws

    Article Academic Freedom Laws

    Legislating Academic Freedom As public schools across the United States begin a new year, many people are paying attention to science classes. Several states have recently seen…

  2. Talking Politics in Church: What's Legal?

    Article Talking Politics in Church: What's Legal?

    Dos and Don'ts in an election season Churches and religious organizations in the United States qualify for exemption from federal income tax, and are generally eligible to…

  3. Disciples in an Election Season

    Article Disciples in an Election Season

    I guess I can’t really help it, but every four years I follow political races like they’re sporting events. Now you must know that my interest comes from the fact that …

  4. Escaping the Ideological Bubble

    Article Escaping the Ideological Bubble

    American culture has been growing more and more polarized in its politics over the last few decades. Left and Right, Democrat and Republican, Coffee and Tea. One cause of this…

  5. The Fall of the American Dream

    Article The Fall of the American Dream

    The term “American Dream” is only eighty years old.  In the grim and turbulent atmosphere of the Great Depression in 1931, historian James Trunslow Adams…

  6. Politics and Faith

    Article Politics and Faith

    Young people may not have a vote just yet, but they can surely have a voice. Youth ministry professor and popular speaker Kenda Creasy Dean tells us that youth today are more…

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