Small group studies

  1. Road Rage and Faith

    Article Road Rage and Faith

    Life in the Fast Lane You’re driving down the freeway, humming along at 75 miles per hour in the far right lane. You come upon a vehicle doing 65 miles per hour, so you…

  2. The Biblical Call to Love

    Article The Biblical Call to Love

    No Greater Love Dorwin Stoddard loved his wife, Mavanell, with all his heart. On Saturday, January 8, 2011, witnesses say that Dorwin proved his love for Mavanell by saving her…

  3. Faith and Fiction

    Article Faith and Fiction

    Real faith is stranger than fiction. So, maybe, that’s why Christian novels—from history to mystery—are leading so many of us now to biblical truths. While…

  4. 40 Days of Love

    Article 40 Days of Love

    With February comes hearts, flowers, and chocolate candies galore—a time for couples to celebrate their romance, and for everyone else to roll their eyes and try to resist…

  5. Understanding Mormonism

    Article Understanding Mormonism

    A June 2012 Gallup poll revealed that bias against a Mormon presidential candidate has not significantly changed since 1967. That same year, when Mitt Romney’s father…

  6. Modeling Mary: Switching Agendas with God

    Article Modeling Mary: Switching Agendas with God

    Mary of Nazareth must have been very excited about her immediate plans. She was engaged to marry Joseph, a good man from a great family. Surely her mind was filled with wedding…

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