Vacation Bible School

  1. From a First-Time VBS Director

    Article From a First-Time VBS Director

    After a staffing change last fall left my church without a dedicated children's minister, I got the fabulous idea that I should volunteer for the responsibility of leading…

  2. Community-Wide Vacation Bible School

    Article Community-Wide Vacation Bible School

    A community-wide VBS allows smaller churches in a rural area or certain area of town come together in fellowship and fun. The churches can share resources and start an annual…

  3. Too Cool for Bible School?

    Article Too Cool for Bible School?

    Having trouble attracting your middle school students to Vacation Bible School? If your church is like most, young children come to VBS in droves. But middle-school students avoid …

  4. The Gift Moms Really Need

    Article The Gift Moms Really Need

    More than flowers or a card, what moms really need at Mother's Day and year-round is space to nurture themselves and friendships with other women. Ministry Matters recently…

  5. Don't Do VBS Alone

    Article Don't Do VBS Alone

    It was the summer of 2000. My husband and I had just arrived in the U.S. to pastor a small village church and were invited to attend VBS. We had never experienced VBS while…

  6. VBS in the Small Church

    Article VBS in the Small Church

    Does it really matter? YES! Teaching in a church setting can be an exhilarating experience as well as an anxious undertaking. And, because of the uniqueness of a small church…

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