1. A Conversation with Tom Steagald

    Article A Conversation with Tom Steagald

    You are a blogger and an author. How did you begin writing? I have been writing in some form since college. I’ve always loved words and the way words form perspective…

  2. Prayers for Back-to-School

    Article Prayers for Back-to-School

    Pray for kids, teachers, and parents as they head back to school with these prayers from Prayers for Holy Days, available with a subscription to the Ministry Matters Premium…

  3. Children's Sermons: 6 Essentials

    Article Children's Sermons: 6 Essentials

    Children’s sermons must be really hard to do, because I have mostly only seen them done poorly – too often they exploit children and pander to the grown ups in the…

  4. Tween Worship

    Article Tween Worship

    We are blessed to have many families actively involved in our church, and we enjoy a lively children’s program. Every Sunday we offer nursery care for small children all…

  5. Held Captive to "Small Group Worship"

    Article Held Captive to "Small Group Worship"

    What do pews, columbaria, sidewalk bricks, and local church histories have in common? In many churches, these are the places where people can find names of families who are…

  6. Throwaway Church

    Article Throwaway Church

    “Throw Away World” Have you noticed how much stuff you throw away? Every week, I’ve got a couple of trash bags and some recyclables, stuff that was once useful…

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