1. The Experiment: Something New in Worship

    Article The Experiment: Something New in Worship

    We wanted to give something a try. Many of us in the church—staff, clergy, and parents—felt that we needed to do more for children in worship. After many years of…

  2. Windy Day Worship

    Article Windy Day Worship

    “Suddenly a sound from heaven like the howling of a fierce wind filled the entire house where they were sitting” (Acts 2:2).   Scripture: Acts 2:1-13 Theme:…

  3. Hardwired for God

    Article Hardwired for God

    Finding God in a Seal When I encountered a harp seal on the beach, I did not know who was more surprised––the seal or me. Seals from Arctic waters do not usually find …

  4. Teaching Kids Worship Skills

    Article Teaching Kids Worship Skills

    When we invite children to join us in the congregation’s worship, we invite them to an activity unlike anything else they experience during the week. If we want them to…

  5. Good Friday for Kids

    Article Good Friday for Kids

    At the heart of the Christian faith is a story about death and resurrection, with elements of loss, sin, denial, and betrayal dragging us to the depths of sadness and remorse…

  6. Why You Need a Cry Room

    Article Why You Need a Cry Room

    Have you ever had to wrangle a squirmy, cranky baby in the middle of a church service? There are people all around you trying to listen, pray, and otherwise participate in…

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