Youth ministry

  1. Blinded by Sin

    Article Blinded by Sin

    by Madalitso Thembedzah, 18Nsanje Circuit Happy are those whose transgression is forgiven, whose sin is covered. Happy are those to whom the Lord imputes no iniquity, and in…

  2. The Baptism of Youth

    Article The Baptism of Youth

    Many young people enter into the fellowship of local churches without any prior congregational participation. If they have not been baptized, this is a gift that can be crucial in …

  3. Affluenza and Apathy

    Article Affluenza and Apathy

    Last summer a 16-year-old Texas boy stole some beer, drank it with his buddies, then—with his blood-alcohol level way above the legal limit—got behind the wheel of his …

  4. Recognize and Help Victims of Domestic Violence

    Article Recognize and Help Victims of Domestic Violence

    In April 2009, Charles “Chuck” Colson, addressed the issue of domestic violence in the church with a frightening account of what happens when ministers minimize the…

  5. Teaching Youth—You Can Do It!

    Article Teaching Youth—You Can Do It!

    You’ve agreed to teach the youth. You have a heart for young people, and you have hopes for your experience together. You want to: connect them with God help them grow…

  6. Say Goodbye to the Lone Ranger!

    Article Say Goodbye to the Lone Ranger!

    The days of the Lone Ranger are gone. Not only is the wild west a thing of the past, so are the days when the person doing youth ministry in a local congregation was the star of…

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