Youth ministry

  1. Shhhhhh...

    Article Shhhhhh...

    This summer the United States National Security Archives released about four hundred pages of CIA documents that, for the first time, officially confirm the existence of…

  2. My Road to Accountability

    Article My Road to Accountability

    My own experience with accountability started in my teenage years, the summer after my sophomore year in high school, when my youth pastor, Tom, sought me out and asked me if I…

  3. Absent But Not Forgotten

    Article Absent But Not Forgotten

    The refrain is a familiar one: "I'm just too busy." And often that is indeed true. Youth in many communities have a wide range of activity choices, from traveling sports teams to…

  4. Building up the Body

    Article Building up the Body

    On July 22 Ryan Braun of the Milwaukee Brewers became only the latest of many high-profile professional athletes to be penalized for the use of performance-enhancing drugs. Braun, …

  5. Geocaching for Tweens

    Article Geocaching for Tweens

    The chances are that even if you have never heard of geocaching, your tweens will have. Geocaching is a fascinating, fun phenomenon that is growing in popularity. A free…

  6. The Secret to Building Great Dads

    Article The Secret to Building Great Dads

    Deadbeat dads.  Absent dads.  Father wounds.  Dumbed-down TV sitcom dads.  The labels are not handsome.  And increasingly, they seem to ring true. …

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