1. You Only Live Forever

    Blog You Only Live Forever

    If you pay attention to young peoples’ social-media posts these days, you are likely to notice that many of them include the tag, #YOLO. YOLO is an acronym that stands for…

  2. Reaching New People with Bible Studies and Programs

    Blog Reaching New People with Bible Studies and Programs

    There was a time when people chose their churches based largely on denomination, location, beliefs, or family ties. But with the rise of the internet and the proliferation of…

  3. Time Out for Grown Ups

    Blog Time Out for Grown Ups

    Why do we waste “time out” on kids? Why can’t I have a time out? I would love to be sent to my room—to sit quietly for 20 minutes. If you think about it…

  4. What Is Creativity?

    Blog What Is Creativity?

    What is creativity? I live in a box. My box is like the box next to me. In fact, I live in a row of boxes. Each box looks the same, feels the same. But my box is different. My…

  5. It's Happened Again

    Blog It's Happened Again

    It's happened again.  Three weeks ago we mourned when a hatefilled shooter went into an Aurora Theatre and killed twelve people he didn't know and wounded 58 others. …

  6. In Pursuit of Civility

    Blog In Pursuit of Civility

    In January of 2009, several prominent and concerned people, both Republicans and Democrats, launched "The Civility Project." They asked all 100 US Senators, all 435 House of…

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